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AltonaEimsbüttelSt. PauliWilhelmsburg

Hamburg, the second largest city of Germany, names itself a Gate to the World - usually this is only mentioned in an economic view, but otherwise this is exactly what hospitality networks are about... It's full of nice places to go out! St.Pauli is the quarter with all the nice bars, clubs, table dance and concerts!

Hospitality Networks

There is a big hospex community in Hamburg. Like elsewhere the most active Hosts/Surfers are usually members of more than one network. There are countless meetings and very different activities of the hospex crowd, to take part check the BW group Hamburg or CS group Hamburg.

General Advice for finding hosts: As the public transport in Hamburg is very well - also late at night (at least at weekends) - don't hesitate to contact people from the outer parts of the city. Especially in high season (summer, public holidays, weekends ...) people living in the city center get a lot of requests (make sure you've read How to write a Request).


BeWelcome is still a small project, but there is already a big group of group potential hosts (login to see them all) in Hamburg - just give it a try, probably some of them are eager to use this alternative. Also the BW group Hamburg provides advice, company and suggestions for all kinds of activities, started bw meetings and more to come.


The CS group Hamburg is probably the most active hospex group in Hamburg. All kind of meetings, partys, exhibitions, concerts, hiking trips and other events are announced there on a regular basis. Furthermore it's a marketplace for all kind of needs, ideas and questions.

Hospitality Club

There is a yahoo group/mailinglist but it's not really active anymore.

Hosting Emergencies

Lost? You're host cancelled your stay on short notice? An unexpected change in travel plans? Before searching for a bridge (there are a lot of them though;), try the following options:

FAQ Frequently asked Questions

In the related groups some questions come up again and again, so it seems usefull to collect answers to this questions for easy access.

General Tips

Check Wikivoyage for more infos and more places to see.


Located in the city center you'll find Dr. Götze Land & Karte one of the biggest german shops for maps, guidebooks and so on. Not only for Hamburg off course, the have got or are able to order everything.

Public Transport

The Hamburger Verkehrs Verbund (HVV) offers service mostly every 5-10 minutes during daytime (8 - 20 hrs) and 20-30 minutes in early morning/late night hours. most U-Bahn or Hochbahn (subway/elevated) trains and S-Bahn (suburban) trains run during friday and saturday night every 30 minutes all night long. In addition there are special Nachtbusse (nightbusses). This means you do not have to look for hosts at the heart of the city because public transport is comfortable from most areas around.

The ticket system is a bit tricky ... First of all: usually you never leave the area "Großraum Hamburg", if you are not really leaving the town, so all tickets for "Großraum Hamburg" will be ok. Tickets are valid for all kind of transportation (s-bahn/u-bahn/bus) including the ferries on river Elbe. To save money you should have a look for day passes (also for 3 days in a row), after 9.00 am they are cheaper than for early birds. There are also tickets for small- or medium sized groups and even for two persons cheaper than two single tickets.

The website of HVV is also available in English and provides ticket prices, maps and detailed personal schedules (just enter time and adress for start and end).