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Since there are a lot of people looking for a flat in Hamburg, here is a list of links which was collected by our members over the recent years, after looking desperately for a flat. To locate an adress / figure out your way have a look at the Hamburg main page.

Any suggestions, further links and private feedback to this list are welcome. Please correct this list.

Local newspapers/Online services

Shared and normal flats

(not only for students)

Property management

If a company manages a property, they can't legally charge you "Courtage" (commission/provision). They can only charge you a small contract fee (100-150 Euro)


Cooperatives provide cheap housing for their members.

When joining a cooperative you have to pay about 50-100 Euro per square metre you want to rent, as your share.

You will get this money back with good interest rates when leaving the cooperative. You don't have to pay any commission or deposit. In a lot of cases you have to wait for 6-12 month for a flat. If you intend to stay longer in Hamburg, it's good to apply there for a flat, because the rents are very low.

Registering with them is free!

Budget accommodation


You can apply for a student dorm here:

Because the city wants to push the new built Hafen City they try to settle students in the "not so nice" neighborhoods such as Veddel and Wilhelmsburg to pimp them up. The flats are quite nice, it's worth having a look.

The rent for a 1-room flat/shared room in a 2-room flat is 178 Euro. For 2-room flats it's good to have a flatmate with you. No commission/courtage, no deposit