Couchwiki, which is run by the same people who brought you trustroots, has become a part of the trustroots project!

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[[]] is an independent wiki with information for people who are actively exchanging hospitality.
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Trustroots Wiki

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The Trustroots Wiki is a community guide for Trustroots, and more generally for hospitality exchange networks. It can also serve as an informal workspace for stuff related to hospitality. Currently we are working on 734 articles.

hitchhikers, dumpster divers, vegans&vegetarians, nomads, ecoliving, musicians, foodsharing, cyclists, hikers, punks, artists, hackers, lgbtq, yoga, buskers, rainbow gathering, climbers, spirituals, dancers, families, sailors, lindyhoppers, slackliners, acroyoga, van life, jugglers

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Trustroots Wiki is a Travel community guide for anyone involved in hospitality exchange networks such as Trustroots, BeWelcome, Warm Showers and CouchSurfing. We have a lot of experience with wikis and we think that anyone should be able to edit this wiki. We try to avoid setting rules though we do have some guidelines. All content is available under a ShareAlike Attribution Creative Commons license.

New to hospitality exchange networks? Want to know more? Check out and improve A Brief History of Hospitality Exchange Networks


Why Couchwiki?

This wiki originally started as Couchwiki, in 2009, when CouchSurfing management decided to delete the CouchSurfing wiki.