How To Create A Good Profile

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Having a filled out profile can drastically increase your chances of finding a host. It also makes it easier for potential guests to see what kind of person you are. Ideally it should show a bit of your personality, and what kind of guest and or host you will be.

Though much of this advice can be used on any hospitality exchange platform this wiki will use the Trustroots profile as an outline for what should be included in a profile.

About me

You can put anything you want here, what you get up to in your daily life, what kind of trip you are on, what you find most important when meeting other people, anything as all as long as it's a reflection of who you are as a person. Some people like long detailed profiles, other people like to share succinct information, there is no wrong or right. You can update your profile is often or as little as you like.


Write what kind of place you can offer your guest. - how is the accommodation, a bed or a place where your guest can roll out their sleeping bag, a separate room, a place in the living room or a shared room? - What can you offer in a practical sense, can people do their laundry, is there wifi, do you expect to share food or will your guest have to provide their own food? - Is your accommodation wheelchair accessible, are there any other issues that could impede a person with a disability? - How can your place be reached, is there public transport, if so what kinds?

Hospitality exchange is always a two-way street. You receive and you give. If you can't host at the moment, please make sure you explain why so it's clear you're making an effort. When you can't host it's always possible to create a meet-up. This way you can still offer to guide someone in your city, have a drink and hang out.

Meet Up

Another way to participate on Trustroots is to create a meet up. This can be while you're traveling but also when you're at home. It's a good way to show other members you're active. If you can't host, creating a meet up will make sure you do show up on the map so members can contact you. A meet up can be offering to guide someone, have a drink, share a meal, organise a weekly boardgames night or simple to hang out. A meet up will stay visible max one month. You can create more than one meet up. Convenient when you're traveling to different places.


Circles are a way to find other users with similar intrests. By joining a few circles other people will get an indication of what your interests are.


After having met another Trustrooter you can describe your experience. The experiences on your profile will give an indication of what kind of guest or host you are, and what other people could expect when meeting you. For more information on the uses of experiences and how you can write them see experiences


Once you have stayed with a person, or met another trustrooter in some other way you can add them as a contact. It will make it easier to stay in touch.