100 things to do in Hamburg

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  1. Climb the Michel
  2. Get wasted in St. Pauli
  3. Run around the Außenalster
  4. Have a beer at Zoe-Bar with other hospex people
  5. Sing "In de eck steht'n Jung mittn Tüdelband" aloud
  6. Go to the sand dunes in Boberg nature reserve
  7. See the Harbour City / Hafencity, a new zoolike artificial neighbourhood whre we store the rich & clean ...
  8. Get a Franzbroetchen at a bakery store of your choice (just known in Hamburg and 30 km around mostly).
  9. Catch ferry 62 to Finkenwerder from Landungsbruecken (or Sandtorhoeft) and tour the river Elbe (The "poor man's harbour trip"), if you have dayticket it is free of charge
  10. Have a BBQ on the sandy beach in Oevelgoenne.
  11. Miniatur Wunderland never fails to amaze. Biggest of its kind, worldwide. Not just for kids and train geeks!
  12. Alter Elbtunnel - simply amazing, and free. Walk, or bike through it.
  13. Chilehaus - Fantastic, unique architecture. Nifty gadget shop on the Niedernstraße side of the building.
  14. On a nice day, Jenisch Park... take the Ferry to Teufelsbrücke (via Finkenwerder)
  15. Drink an espresso and have a grab to eat in one of the cafes in Portugiesenviertel opposite the Landungsbrücken
  16. Take S1 (green line) to Blankenese and walk to "Treppenviertel". With nice weather you feel like being in Italy.
  17. Near Treppenviertel Blankenese: Cafe Lühmann in a typical old brickhouse with special roof and fantastic scones and cakes to eat (Apfelkuchen is recommended.
  18. Go to Bartelsstraße and eat soup 9 at thai imbiss. If vegetarian, take soup 9 b.
  19. Eat for 6,20 € at [kabul-restaurant.com Kabul Restaurant] buffet all you can eat.
  20. Visit the famous Hansa-variete.de, very nice and old variete. Special: Use the toilettes. You feel like being in the 20ies. Sound sfunny, but it is spectacular. And the show is pretty good.
  21. No matter if you understand German or not, visit the Schmidt Mitternachtshow
  22. Have a look at the Atlantic Hotel - The James Bond movie "Tomorrow never dies!" was shot here.
  23. Visit the Sneak Preview at Streits cinema on Jungfernstieg (in English, also the theater of your choice for english screenings for other movies)
  24. Drink a beer at Clochard, a very cheap, never closing bar at Reeperbahn and it really looks like this inside.
  25. Check out Gängeviertel a artsy place near downtown.
  26. Shop at Marktstraße if you like little designer's shops, the area is also good for some street art and to have a coffee.
  27. The [http://www.spicys.de Spicy's Gewürzmuseum in Speicherstadt. Only 3 eur and you get a sack of pepper (instead of a ticket).
  28. Puppenmuesum in Blankenese - Reachable by bus and very cute. A fantastic river view from its garden!
  29. Go to the bar Lucky Strike (located in the street Hamburger Berg, close to Reeperbahn) and order a Mexikaner for 50cents. It's a shot that you can only find in Hamburg and nowhere else in the world! (And probably you're happy to never be confronted with it again ...)
  30. In the summer visit the beach bars tbetween Landungsbrücken and Fischmarkt or in Sternschanze where the Central Park is located - a beach bar right in the middle of the city.
  31. Little ice-cream shops everywhere (ask your host for his/her favourite), selfmade "normal" ice-cream, vegan ice and weird stuff (cucumber ice, hot pepper ice, garlic ice ...)
  32. Planetarium in the "Stadtpark", on of the best in the World.
  33. Canoe trip through the channels between Stadtpark and Alster Lake to enjoy the architecture and nature from the water. (Alternativly try a sailing trip on the Alster Lake, but you need an operating license.)
  34. Picknick at Stadtpark (try to find some company through the local hospex groups
  35. Take one day for a biketrip trough "Altes Land". This is a region with pitoresque villages, half-timbered houses and farms, well known for its apple and strawberry fields. It's one of the biggest fruit growing areas of Europe for more than 5 centuries, it made it on the waiting list of unesco cultural heritages, but probably Airbus, politicians from Hamburg / Lower Saxony will bury it under concrete any time soon (new highways, industry and so on.)