How to write a request

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Although most content of this guide seems to be obvious, experienced users of hospitality exchange networks still report they get a lot requests like this:


I'm a cool guy and will crash your couch next week?


Probably for most hosts a request like this won't do it. So for those, who have difficulties to imagine how the perfect request looks like, here are some hints.

General information

  • Take care about YOUR profile - besides your request that's the only information your host gets to make up his mind about you.
  • Read profiles of potential hosts carefully (for your security, for your host, to avoid missunderstandings). A lot of people have a lot to say in their profiles and maybe they contain important hints.
  • If your hospex network provides a special way to request a couch use this tool and not regular mail (or explain why not).

Specifics about your stay

  • Make your request as specific as possible, i. e. provide dates and length of stay (or at least explain, if you can't). Unlike the travelling guest hosts live there usual allday lifes and are busy with their regular schedule and social life. So accepting a guest means planing around the daily routine, this is much more easy if hosts know what to plan for.
  • Special needs (handicaps, special diet, allegies)? Be clear about this. Also check out your potential hosts profile about this.
  • What are your interests? It's a difference, to get wasted in the most fancy techno clubs, to have at tight schedule to visit all the historical museums, to be in town for a research, to whatever ...

Choice of host

  • Do a clever search. The first ten of a list for town do get a lot of request already.Use keywords, age, groups - whatever. You'll find the more interesting people and they're more likely to host you.
  • Write personal requests. Noone would blame you for copying and pasting the technical part about dates and specifics, your general travel plan and so on, but always make sure to add some specific to the request. And no, just adding the real name to the "Hi" at the beginning of your request won't do it.
  • Read profiles carefully, but don't believe everything you read. If you decide to ignore things in them, a lot of people don't mind as long as you provide a reason for it in your request.


  • It's not just about a place to crash. But what's than? What do you want to provide, what do you want to learn?