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Trustroots Meeting

  • Date: 2020-01-13 17:00 UTC+1
  • Facilitator: Dario
  • Participants: Noah, Nick, Dario, Michal



  • dudle mentions 2/3 weeks, nick's feeling was 1 week + weekends on either side
    • noah: idea was to have one week for sure, then possibly stay longer
  • nick is organizing the hackweek with kanthaus
    • reserved 11th to 19th of april in the kanthaus calendar
  • next step in organizing:
    • decide on the date at the next meeting (also based on mikael's availability), so that we can send it out to interested people soon enough

Shadow ban feature

  • should we do it? vs only suspending offending members.
    • not as a one-for-all solution, only for specific cases
    • restrict to cases where we can't help us otherwise, that would threat the community
    • only shadow-ban if several safety team members agree to do that (as we do with suspending as well, anyway)
    • question: why have both suspend and shadow-ban? answer: most transparency for each specific case
  • what should we take care of?
    • no messages actually go out
    • profile hidden on map
    • direct profile link doesnt show up
    • messages from others won’t reach them
    • hide FB / social media links of other people
    • hide emails/links/phone numbers everywhere in other people's profiles
    • they'd still see other people's profiles and hosting offers. :-( If we suspend them, they wouldn't.
  • Communicating in rules/TOS that this is happening (?); how much details we want to give away about security features (both at site vs in code)?
    • it's in the code! we should put it in the tos
    • maybe mention that we have moderation tools without saying clearly that it's shadow banning
  • who will take care of it?
    • we should have it soon
    • is Mikael volunteering to do that? if not, let the others know. nick might also interested in implementing

what is the state of references feature? (nick)

  • 80% code done for listing references?
  • michal implemented it over a year ago (creating references works, is in master branch, but hidden)
  • michal stopped a year ago. reasons:
    • a lot of discussion, the goal was not clear, e.g. free-text vs. positive/negative rating
    • lack of ui (we generally don't have anyone for design besides mikael)
  • next steps:
    • michal will make screenshots of the current implementation
    • first discuss and settle on clear goals, before starting implementation again (michal might continue doing it, but is also ok with someone else taking over)
    • let's discuss in existing issue

Related to references feature — thoughts on balance between feature development vs framework?

  • nick and michal: making develeoper's life easier might lead to more feature development in the future
  • mikael can comment on that in the next meeting

status report of survey (noah):

  • started to phrase some questions for the survey
  • plan to get into details in the next 1.5 weeks
  • will use the tool crowdsignal

codebase walkthrough

  • noah and dario are interested in some guidance where to start contributing to tr code
  • nick offers to walk them through the code with a voice call in the next weeks

Next meeting

  • Next Date: 2020-01-27 18:00 UTC+1
  • Next Facilitator: Noah


  • Mobile apps state
    • Android; works
    • iOS; can now be re-submitted, Mikael to own.
    • Plans in future?