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Grenoble is in the Rhone-Alpes region, and is the prefecture of the Isère departement.


Finding a couch in Grenoble

Make sure to read this simple HOW-TO find a couch !

  • Fill in your profile,
  • Make a couch search by clicking HERE (use the filters for better results),
  • Send personalized couch requests to the persons that you've selected.

In Grenoble, there are more than 4500 CSers (statistics), including 1 city ambassador (Gil Cantinelli).

By searching people who say "yes or definitely" have a couch and have been logged-in during the last 2 weeks, you can find around 500 potential active hosts (information accurate as of June 2011).

Please make personal requests before using the Grenoble Emergency Requests sub-group. This group is for emergency in time only.

Safety Tips

All basic infos to know

CS Guidelines

What's acceptable to do on CS? Read our guidelines and terms of use.


Main group

Grenoble CS group has about 185 active members, but the ~1400 subscriptions put this city to the 11th rank in France for number of members.
The Grenoble CS Group is very active, about one local meeting per week with very original themes each time... (See the list below)
You can join this amazing band on : GRENOBLE


Sports & mountains Gastronomy Concerts, Spectacles, Expos, Ciné Photography Language exchange, Paragliding, Vegeta*ians in Grenoble...


Next meetings

Picnic, or bar meeting, every wednesday night !
Grenoble weekly meetings happen on wednesday, 8pm in park Mistral (summer) or in a bar (winter). Check out the Grenoble group about next one.

Calendar 1.png
Check out our collaborative Grenoble Calendar !
- To embed it into your own Google Calendar :
- To be able to add/edit events from your very own calendar, log on with "cs38grenoble" / "couchsurfing", and add your email in Settings / Calendars / Shared: Edit settings / Share this calendar.
NB : when you create an event, make sure to include a link to the dedicated CS thread, and the precise location.
More help on the Google Help center.

Previous meetings

15 March 2008 - 14:00

CS Gre meeting canap 2008.jpeg

A COUCH IN THE CITY, SEVERAL COUCHSURFERS AND A GOOD DOSE OF FUN! The CS group of Grenoble propose a "sofa promenade " through the city and to take pictures in typical places of Grenoble ... Before concluding with a regional Couchsurfing big fiesta ! During this day, also the realization of a video film , a photo essay and plenty of other surprises ! Subscribe quickly on this meeting by clicking on the link and "Join the meeting"!

UN CANAPE DANS LA VILLE, DES COUCHSURFERS SURVOLTES ET UNE BONNE DOSE DE FUN ! Le CS group de Grenoble vous propose une "promenade de canapé" à travers la ville et de se prendre en photo dans des lieux pittoresques de Grenoble... avant de terminer avec une grosse fiesta Couchsurfing régionale ! Lors de cette journée, réalisation aussi d'un film video, d'un reportage photo et plein d'autres surprises ! Inscrivez vous vite sur ce meeting en cliquant sur le lien proposé et "Join the meeting" !

Since 1st of January 2008 :

2211809730 341cffc12c t.jpg

Open House, Open minded
31st of December - 1st January 2008
For all the people who wanted to take part of the new year's eve in a different way, a couchsurfer opened his flat for all Cs during all eve, for 5 min or all night...


O'Callaghan night
5th of January 2008
First meeting of the year in the famous bar...

Ideas to suggest future meetings

  • Photo rally, picnic, BBQ, concert, movie, impro theater, debate on a theme at home, ephemeral photo exhibition in a bar...
  • Pimp my CS profile, contribute to this Wiki...
  • Hike, via-ferrata, rock-climbing, geocaching walk, accrobranche...
  • Wine & cheese dinner, beer tasting, foreign cuisine, cooking lesson, clothe exchanges...
  • Give-blood meeting, free hug session, free hugs disguised for Haloween, photo shooting to make a calendar, pillow fight, water fight, giant bubble battle, cardboard boat making, dahu hunting...
  • Invade another city
  • "Couch crawl" at Grenoble CSers, hitchhiking race
  • International book exchanges
  • ...

How to create a meeting

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A meeting page (example) makes it possible for the interested people to subscribe to the meeting, without spamming the whole group (numerous messages like "I'll be in !"). And it allows everybody to know at a glance who'll participate in that meeting. So :

1. Start on "Community" / "Create event"
   Warning : for a sub-meeting of an existing meeting, see the next paragraph.
2. Set a maximum of information, especially the times and location.
4. Validate with the button "Save event"
5. You can send invitations :
    5.1 On the page of you rnew meeting, click on "Send out meeting invitations"
    5.2 Select the appropriate group(s) that you want to inform,
    5.3 And/or select a recent couch search that you previously did, in order to invite those resulting people.
    5.4 Send invitations by clicking "Save and send Message ASAP"
6. Go to "Community" / "My events" and copy the link to your meeting
7. Then don't forget to post that meeting link on the appropriate groups !

For a sub-meeting of an existing parent meeting :
a. In the web adress of the existing meeting, find the "meeting ID" (e.g: ...meetings.html?mid=94807 -> 94807)
b. Start on meetings.html?newsubmeeting=94807 with the parent meeting ID (94807). The form is then auto-filled with the parent meeting data.
c. The rest is all the same : see step 2 above.

More information here (fr).

To find a date/time which fits most people: you can use Doodle polling tool, very easy to use.

Weekly meetings : example of description for the meeting page, and to post on the group :

Hi !

Next wednesday, our Grenoble CS meeting will take place at ......
Here are the address and directions : .....
The weekly theme is : ...You can choose an original theme...

Meeting link :
Please, do subscribe before coming ! It is not mandatory but very handy to keep in touch afterwards.
Hope to find you there next Wedensday ;-)

NEW CSers: If you just arrived on CS, do not hesitate to join us for questions about CS, to meet the community of Grenoble, and above all, 
to spend some good time :-) 

ORIGIN OF THIS MEETING: This meeting was originally on tuesdays (based on answers to a survey in September 2010), it then moved to wednesday picnics
in Park Mistral, to take advantage of the free open-air movies in that park.


Check out the following spots (and much more !) on that map GrenobleGMap.jpg


The Bastille: It's a nice good walk (45 minutes), and there are beautiful forests and mountains surrounding the city. The mountains never look the same one day to another !
Look at this map of different acess routes and opening times of the doors.

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Around Grenoble :
More information about the places to visit in Grenoble on the wikitravel:Grenoble !


  • About all sports at Grenoble :

      - Office Municipal des Sports à Grenoble
      - Grenoble Université Club (GUC)

  • Hiking :

      - Get lots of advices and rent maps at the Maison de la Montagne, 3 rue Raoul Blanchard, Grenoble ( And search for hikes by criterias : public transportations, duration, etc
      - With "Transisère" coach network (PDF map), you can go to a lot of mountains around Grenoble, starting from the coach station (next to the train station : see map).
      - The Sipavag lists some hikes and bike rides, accessible by public transportations.
      - Map of parks and easy hikes in or near Grenoble, accessible via public transportations (PDF, 5 Mo) (from the Sipavag)
      - : community about all mountain sports
      - : good lists of hikes in the different mountains
      - GeoPportail : online IGN maps
      - : all refuges in France, with IGN maps

  • Roller :

      - Grenoble-roller organizes some free rides downtown on every friday night, from April to December.

  • Skiing :

      - Communications are on "sports and moutains" CS sub-group.
      - List of skiing resorts around Grenoble (closest ones : Chamrousse and Les 7 laux)
      - To drive to a station, share a car :
      - Standard coaches to get to the resorts : Trans'Isère
      - Coach + skipass are sometimes cheaper than skipass alone :
            - Transaltitude coaches (departure from "Grenoble road station")
            - SkiMania
      - Where skis can be rented ? some examples :
            - (possibly 50% off !)
            - Ski Service, 84 rue Nicolas Chorier
            - La Boite à Skis, 18 rue Marceau Leyssieux SMH
            - Espace Montagne, avenue Gabriel Péri, SMH

  • Snow-shoeing :

      - You can rent some for 6€ at Borel Sport.
      - List of shops to rent snow-shoes, recommended by Grenoble-Montagne.
      - Suggestions of itinerary for snow-shoeing on Grenoble-Montagne's website

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  • Rock climbing :

      - Check out our "Grenoble climbing" CS sub-group
      - collaborative map of spots and shops around the city
      - Camp-to-camp : descriptions of all spots

  • Via-ferratas :

      - Where to rent equipment at Grenoble (~10€/day) : Clavel Sport, Adrenaline, or Espace Montagne
      - List of via-ferratas in Isère
      - CS thread about different via-ferratas done.
      - About the via-ferrata of La Bastille :
            - location : 22 route de Lyon
            - 2 parts : 1h (OK for beginners) + 1h (more difficult).
            - Read this full description.
            - Look at this map of different acess routes and opening times of the doors.

  • Volley-ball :

      - ASPTT Grenoble volley-ball
      - Grenoble Volley University Club
      - ESSM Saint-Martin d'Hères
      - ALE Echirolles
      - ESMT Meylan-La Tronche

  • Swimming :

      - List of Grenoble pools, namely "Le Clos d'Or"
      - Larger list of pools in Isère
      - Olympic pool at the campus
      - Lessons in pools at Grenoble (CS thread)
   Lakes :
      - Lac de la Taillat (free, unsupervised, bikeable distance)
      - Lac du Bois Français (bikeable distance)
      - Lac de Laffrey (33 minutes driving, see location)
      - Lake of Paladru (40 minutes driving, see location)
      - Lake of Monteynard (1h driving)
      A bit further away :
            - List of waterbodies (by car)
            - List of torrents (by car)
            - List of lakes (by car)

  • Running :

      - Check out our "Grenoble Running" CS sub-group.

  • Cycling :

      - Check out our "Grenoble Bike" CS sub-group.
      - Opening dates of the passes in the Alps :

  • Paragliding :

      - Check our dedicated CS Grenoble sub-group
      - Prevol at Saint Hilaire du Touvet (good comment from a CSer here),
      - Corol at Chamrousse,
      - Obiou at St Jean d'Hérans,
      - Alto at Lans en Vercors
And Damien is a CS expert-paraglider !
Read this thread by local paragliders and next sessions.

  • Yoga / pilates :

      - Some classes recommended by CSers in this thread and in that one :
         - Vie en yoga
         - Pilates et yoga
         - Pila'Fit
         - PhilippeFrequelin-Yoga : more kundalini yoga than purely hatha yoga
      - CSer Benjamin E. is a kundalini yoga teacher : his post on CS


Where can I play music with my small band ?

  • At the association "Le 102" (concerts, experimental movies, exhibitions, theatre, debates...)
  • At the Café Bayard : live bands every night (except sundays), see the usual planning (source) :
    • Monday : free Jamp (the owner often plays the guitar because not many musicians)
    • Tuesday : Irsish Jam
    • Wednesday : Ukulele Jam
    • Thursday : Theatre / impro / gipsy jazz
    • Friday : Jam rock / jazz / songs / blues / world /... depending on the musicians who are there
    • Saturday : A bit like on friday but with less poeple.
  • at the Family's Pub,
  • at the O'brothers Kfé,
  • at "Le Grenier" (above the 'Café de la table ronde", place Saint André),
  • at l'Art Scène,
  • at "the Druid's" pub on Sundays,
  • at La Passoire on Fridays

And contact Arthur or Miguel for weekly live concerts at their homes.

Grenoble music : the very best of This CS local project aims to create a music compilation of the most famous (or the best-but-not-famous) music bands from Grenoble. (Started on 16/06/11)

For all cultural events, check out the Petit Bulletin (free weekly newspaper).


Cinema: "Le Méliès" screens lots of independant, alternative or arthouse movies, from all over the world. Map | Program of this week

Yearly festivals in/near Grenoble:

     - Rocktambule (Grenoble)
     - Cabaret Frappé (Grenoble)
     - Jazz Grenoble (Grenoble)
     - Les 38e Rugissants (Grenoble)
     - Les Détours de Babel (Grenoble)
     - Fête de la bastille (Grenoble)
     - Fort en son (fanfare music) (Grenoble)
     - Festival de la cour du Vieux Temple (Grenoble)
     - Rencontres Brel (Saint Pierre de Chartreuse)
     - Jazz à Vienne (Vienne)
     - Musiques en Stock (Cluses)
     - Col des 1000 (Miribel les Echelles)
     - Guitare en scene (Saint Julien en Genevois)
     - Démon d'Or (Poleymieux au Mont d’Or)
     - Musilac (Aix les Bains)
     - Musique au Parc (Bourg de Péage)
     - ...

  • Movies :

     - Mountain movie festival (Grenoble)
     - Outdoor short movie festival (Grenoble)

Culinary specialties from the area (dauphiné):


For the following places, see the Grenoble Google Map ! Nightlife-bar.png


  • Le 1900 : Place Notre Dame, Grenoble.
  • La Bifurk : 2, rue Gustave-Flaubert, Grenoble. Open monday-friday 9.00-12.00, 14.00-18.00 (and 20.00-... on saturdays)/
  • Le Subway : 2, rue Lakanal, Grenoble. Tél : Open monday-friday 8.00am-1.00am, saturday 14.00-1.00am, sunday 16.00-1.00am.
  • Loco Mosquito : 56, rue Thiers, Grenoble. Tél : Open monday-saturday 18.00-1.00am.
  • London Pub : 11, rue Brocherie, Grenoble. Tél : Open monday-saturday 18.00-1.00am.
  • Tago Mago Salsa : 61, cours Jean-Jaurès, Grenoble. Tél : Open thursday-saturday 20.30-2.00am.
  • No Name : 35, rue Antoine-Polotti, Saint-Martin-d'Hères. Tél : Open monday 9.00-15.00, tuesday-friday 9.00-1.00am, saturday 10.00-15.00 and 19.00-1.00am.
  • Bar MC2 : 4, rue Paul-Claudel, Grenoble. Tél : Open tuesday-saturday 19.00-1.00am, after the last show.
  • l'Amperage : concerts, etc. 163 cours Berriat, 38000 Grenoble
  • Mark XIII : electro/dark bar. 8 Rue Lakanal, 38000 Grenoble

Dancing :
DoTheDance is a community of dancers listing local events, lessons, etc, for all dances. (Startup by 2 Grenoble persons)

Original Fast food

Fed up with chips, sponge bread, and dripping ketchup? If the smell of fat makes you sick, try the new shops which propose quickly-made fresh products, vegetables and cracking round loaf.
Mezzo di Pasta : 3, avenue d'Alsace Lorraine / 7, rue Saint-Jacques Tél.
Pasta Via : 3, rue Philis de la Charce 04 76 41 86 79 / Centre commercial Grand'Place Tél. 04 76 41 86 79.

Naturel Délice : 4 rue Lafayette Tél. 04 76 03 28 13

Le Buffet de l'Etoile : place de l'Etoile Tél.04 76 43 05 04
Le Wok Bar : place Notre Dame Tél.04 76 15 23 02.

Thaï Express : Centre Commercial, 55, Grand'Place Tél.04 76 22 00 00.
Le ChinaMoon : 52 avenue Alsace-Lorraine Tél. 04 76 43 14 15.

Naturel Délice : 4 rue Lafayette Tél. 04 76 03 28 13
Le Subway : 5, rue de Sault / Place Notre-Dame / 1 rue Président Carnot Tél. 04 76 86 28 84.



Short term : Youth hostel

Check out this main website for students who need to find a flat in Grenoble : neutral and sincere advices (not a commercial agency).

WikiMapia : interactive map of districts and places of interest.

Online ads:

Check out our ads and offers on the CS sub-group dedicated to flat search and share-rentings.

Roommate dating : in "the Subway" bar, 2 rue Lakanal, Grenoble (, on tuesdays and thursdays, 6.30pm-8pm, from 16/08 to 20/10. More info on their Facebook page.

Advices :

  • New flats may be taken quickly, so check very often on those sites.
  • Call the landlord by phone (insist until he replies).
  • Always try to book a visit for the same day.

Average prices :

  • 350€ for a studio,
  • 250€ for a share-renting (roughly speaking)

Need money for the bail, or miss a guarantor ? can help you !

Map of Grenoble districts.

Grenoble districts :
City life mainly happens around the "hyper-center" : "Victor Hugo", "Notre-Dame", etc. (But very expensive.) Not so far but more quiet is "Europole" (near the station).

  • Saint Bruno : a "village" atmosphere, with its own identity. Lots of different populations (maghrebi, chinese, students, families, associations, lots of small groceries...).
  • Grand Boulevards : high buildings, lots of flats to rent, but not really lively identity. 10-15 minutes walking from the city-center.
  • Saint Martin d'Hères : one of the "suburbs", with big (and sad) buildings
  • Villeneuve-Village olympique, Fontaine... : hem, not recommended if you wanna walk by night safely.
  • ...

More info about Grenoble districts on Wikipedia
And check WikiMapia Grenoble for interactive info about districts and places of interstes.

Transportation :

Keep in mind that bicycling is easy in Grenoble (flattest city in France), so you can afford living a bit further away (and it will obviously be less expensive).

Need to leave your stuff for a few days or months ?
You can rent a 1-2 m² box :
- Homebox at St Egrève (~35€/month)
- Boxmax : 35 rue des allies, Grenoble (students -10%)
- Boxland : 96 avenue leon blum, Grenoble

Boot fairs / flea markets for cheap products :
Check this updated list on


Financial helps :

3, rue des Alliés
38051 Grenoble Cedex 9
Tél : 0820 25 38 10

  • Loca-Pass : free advance of the security deposit (usually 1 or 2 month rents), and/or to be your "guarantor".

28 Galerie Arlequin
38100 Grenoble
Tél : 04 76 69 45 00


First off : informations about working in France for a "non EU resident".
And ADATE is a local association which helps immigrants, it can give you tips. E.g. it's easier for immigrants to work in the countryside (fruit picking,...). French law is more "liberal" with illegal immigrants in the case of farming.
Online ads:

Jobs about environment (from this CS thread) :

Integration help

1025, avenue Centrale
38400 St Martin d'Hères
Tél : 04 56 52 85 22



Train and Railway

SNCF : French train company

NB : there's no official left-luggage at Grenoble, but you can ask the Bar Continental (just at the corner in front of the station) to leave your bag there for the day (for a couple of €).

Railway stations around Grenoble :

  • Gare de Grenoble (Tram A / B, bus 34, "Transisère" coaches)
  • Gare Universités-Gières (Tram B, bus 6051, 6010, 6070. Park & Ride)
  • Gare de Pont de Claix (Buses 1, 18, 17. Park & Ride)
  • Gare de Saint Egrève (Bus 30)
  • Gare d'Echirolles (Tram A, bus 18. Park & Ride)

Seat61 : tips for traveling worldwide from France.

Car and Parking

    - CS Grenoble dedicated sub-group (or in France and other cities)
    - covoiturage-libre (open, and no fees)
    - vadrouille-covoiturage (open, and no fees)
    - Student car-sharing : from/to the campus
    - 123envoiture
    - EasyCovoiturage
    - Comove
    - Tribu-covoiturage
    - Vivastreet
    - : online payment, with fees for every passenger. (Forget this site.)


Buses and Tramways


Grenoble is flat, and full of specific ways for bicycle !
Where are nice paths to ride ?

Looking for a bicycle in Grenoble ? Check the following links and organisations :

  • You can rent a bike at Metrovélo (long or short rentals) : see the 2 places on this map BikeIcon.jpg (station and campus).
  • Try the TrocsAthlon, organized by the Decathlon shop in the Espace Comboire, in the south of Grenoble. It takes place twice a year, in March and October. Check that page for more information
  • Suscribe to the association Le p'tit vélo dans la tête and visit one of their workshops in Grenoble. The subscription is about 13 € for students and jobless, 20 € for other people. In that way, you'll have access to spare parts and to workshops to repair your own bicycle. They can provide you with an old bicycle to repair for a few euros.
  • Try Trocsport, 96 Avenue Gabriel Peri in Saint Martin D'hères (phone : 04 76 54 00 89)
  • Try the Association Repérages : buy second hand bikes, or have yours repaired. If you give it back, they'll send it to Africa.
  • At least, try the "Marché aux puces" on the Esplanade, close to the Porte de France (sunday mornings).
  • If you surf during a couple of days, try our Bike-surfing CS sub-group.

You want to give an old one ? Contact the association Repérages, they collect bicycles to send them to Africa

Find all the adresses on that map !


Health Emergency: 15
Police Emergency: 17
Fireman Emergency: 18
Hospital: ("Grenoble C.H.U" - map)
Embassy: See on this map, for different countries
Emergency Doctor: 04.38.701.701

More emergency numbers...


Le Dauphiné Libéré, Local Newspaper, August 12th 2009
GRE News, Local Newspaper, February 16th 2010



There are at least 5 places where you can get Wifi access for free downtown : check them on that map Wifi.gif.

Alternative ways of living

  • Free food :

There is no food not bombs (yet!) but the dumpsters are numerous and plentiful. there are several political squats in town... but its best to find contact through other people. Or if you are involved in other political projects it should be possible for you to get free accomodation there! also there is an 'espace local autogéré' (local self-run and organised space) where there are often events, food included! There is another 'ancient' squat that's called '102' but I have never been there! I know that they have cool events and stuff too!

  • Mini guide of local alternatives : publishes this guide for local alternatives (pdf) in Grenoble : places and self-managed groups for mutual support, re-usage, cultural activities, etc.

  • Vegetable gardens (association) :

The "Jardin des Cairns" is an association that has grown trees and organic vegetables near the Musée Dauphinois since 2011. The location is ideal : great view on Grenoble, sunshine, with an enthusiastic and welcoming team. They even have some concerts on their terasse sometimes !

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