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This project aims to create a music compilation of the most famous (or the best-but-not-famous) music bands from Grenoble,

  • to give to CSers hosted in Grenoble,
  • and to bring to other cities/countries when we surf.

(Project started on 16/06/11)
Read the original debate on CS Grenoble


List of artists that we consider worth being in our compilation, because they come from Grenoble or deal with the city in Grenoble :
(italics = MP3 found ; bold = not found ; normal = not searched yet)

  • Sinsemilia
  • Michel Fugain
  • Calogero
  • Anaïs Croze
  • Pep's
  • Miss Kitin & The Hacker
  • Mountain men
  • Kalakuta orchestra
  • Gnawa diffusion
  • MiG
  • Djasia Satour
  • Riké
  • Nadj
  • Rien
  • Rhésus
  • Miss White and the drunken piano
  • The firecrackers
  • Emzel café
  • Johanna
  • Chocolate pain
  • Western chocolate
  • Bud Spencer Clout
  • Walter
  • melting snow quartet
  • Caravage
  • The spoke marlon session
  • Little big dju
  • Djemdi
  • Bud Spencer Clout
  • Liga Quintana
  • Duster 71
  • Maïs Man
  • Lutin Bleu
  • MaczDeCarpate
  • Trompe le Monde
  • Simon Carrière
  • Les Barbarins Fourchus
  • Holophonics
  • La joie du bruit
  • ...


How to add a file

1. Go to MegaUpload and upload your MP3 (in 2 clicks !)
2. Post the created link on this CS Grenoble thread or on this editable Google Doc, telling the artist and track.

Boris or Elie will then update the file list here. When we have ~20-30 files, we'll package that into 1 or 2 zip files and share it via MegaUpload.

File list

Limitations :
The final zip file should be 128 Mo (max), so that :

  • it can be put on a good old USB key,
  • it's not too long to download,
  • it makes 20-30 tracks, a reasonable quantity for 1 compil.


Open to designers ! Any ideas ?...

Example : the one made by Marseille, 2011 :
Marseille2011 cover.jpg


The compil will be uploaded on Megaupload. You'll be able to download the whole (1 zip file) into your USB key / MP3 player, or just send the link to your host/surfer.

Past experiences : Marseille group did it : download (Password : panier2011) 127 Mo, 27 tracks + 1 cover picture. (see this post)


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