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What a CS group moderator can do

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What can a CouchSurfing group moderator do?

  • Edit group descriptions and guidelines
  • Add non-members into the group
  • Nominate moderators
  • Demote existing moderators
  • Cancel group membership (without being able to prevent the canceled user to join the group again instantly)
  • Change the group settings:
    • Group visibility
      • Public
      • Password protected
    • Post visibility
      • Public
      • Limited to group members
    • Application procedure
      • Anyone may join
      • Anyone can apply to join but moderators must approve.
    • Who may post in the group
      • Group members only
      • Moderators only
  • Allow (or not) polls to take place in the group.
  • Receive (or not) a notification when new users join the group.
  • Archive group