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Verification is the process by which a hospitality exchange network attempts to verify a members identity. A verification process typically aims to increase safety and trust in the network by verifying the members real identity, address, or both.

Verification on CouchSurfing

Members on CouchSurfing can verify their identity by entering their real name and address, making a credit card payment, then entering a code, which is sent on a postcard to the members address. Verified members will appear on the Couch Search page with a green check mark to the right of their username, indicating a verified identity. In addition to the green check mark, a green balloon will appear on a members CouchSurfing Profile Page to indicate a verified address.

Verification on BeWelcome

BeWelcome operates a peer-to-peer verification system, which is currently in Beta stage of development. Members on BeWelcome can verify their identity by meeting in person and exchanging identity documents. Once a member is satisfied that the identity of the other is real, they can navigate to a members BeWelcome Profile Page and choose the "Verify member" option. If a member is hosting another member, the guest has the additional option to verify the host members address.

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