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The definition of hypertension is a systolic StrictionBP or top number reading of 140mmhg. Or higher, and a diastolic or bottom number, reading of 90mmhg. Or higher. It is very interesting that in the past. A rating considered high blood pressure was 160/95. The standard for hypertension, being reduced is perhaps due to the monetary contributions to the FDA made by the drug companies. This may also explain the reason many natural remedies are not publicized.

Well, here are a few great natural hypertension treatments:Apple cider vinegar- This is a miraculous treatment for high blood pressure. Apple cider vinegar works very fast, and you will begin seeing a change in your blood pressure, within a week. No other medication is necessary, while using apple cider vinegar. The normal dosage is 1 tablespoon three times a day. If the taste is too strong you can mix it with water. It is advisable to buy an unpasteurized version of apple cider vinegar brand.

Garlic is also a great treatment for high blood pressure. Garlic has been shown to reduced blood pressure by 10 to 15%. You can eat garlic by itself or with your food. It is a good idea fresh clove garlic, because the raw form seems to work best.Cayenne pepper is another good treatment for high blood pressure. It is cheap. Fast and very effective. The best way to use cayenne pepper is mixed. 2 tablespoons of honey and 2 tablespoons of cayenne pepper. Boil them with a glass of water, and then drink it while it is warm. It is best to use organic cayenne pepper, and all natural honey.