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Country: France
Region: Centre (France)
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CS Group Wikipedia

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Orléans is a city in France, about 130 km (80 miles) southwest of Paris. It is the capital of the Loiret department and of the Center (Centre) region. The city is located on the Loire River where the river curves south towards the Massif Central. The city of New Orleans (originally La Nouvelle-Orléans), in the United States is named after the city of Orléans. Orléans is located in the septentrional bend of the Loire, which crosses from east to west. Orléans belongs to the vallée de la Loire sector between Sully-sur-Loire and Chalonnes-sur-Loire, which was in 2000 inscribed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The capital of Orléanais, 120 kilomètres south-south-west of Paris, she is bordered to the north by the Beauce region and the forêt d'Orléans, and the Orléans-la-Source neighborhood and the Sologne region to the south.


Orleans holds onto a deep and intriguing past starring some of the biggest names in history. Originally home to Celtic tribes, the city was later conquered in 52 by Julius Caesar himself. Its name can be credited to the Roman Emporor Aurelian.

By 1344, King Phillip VI de Valois deemed it the center of royal duchy. But the French kingdom had been undergoing war with England for some time and problems were about to escalate. The English had control of some land in North Western France during the time that Henry V was England's King and Charles VI was the King of France. After winning the territory in France, England had France sign a treaty promising Henry V the kingdom of his newly deemed land upon the death of King Charles. But, matters complicated when both kings died at nearly the same time. Each had a son and naturally England wanted their king's son to take the French kingdom's land whereas the French wanted Charles VI's son to take it. Feuding was fueling and the future of the French looked bad, they were without a king to look to and losing even more of their land was at great risk. That's when Joan of Arc comes in.

In 1429 the peasant girl stormed the city of Orleans and overthrew English forces. She restored the throne to Charles VI's son, now Charles VII. Orleans and France have never forgotten her heroic efforts and today, tributes to her are evident throughout the whole city and country.

Fortunately, Orleans, although a target during World War II was able to come out virtually unscathed.

More informations about the History of Orléans on the wikipedia:Orléans !


File:Centre charles pegguy.jpg
Charles Pegguy's House
File:Jeanne d'arc maison.jpg
Joan of Arc's House

More informations about the places to visit in Orléans on the wikivoyage:Orléans and/or check the Offical Website of the Office of Tourism.


Free Internet/Wifi Access

Here are some places in the city where you can find some free Internet/Wifi access:

  • Mission locale de l'Orléanais - Adress: 9, boulevard de Verdun - Tel: 02 38 78 91 92
  • CRIJ - Adress: 3-5 boulevard de Verdun 45000 ORLEANS - Tel: 02 38 78 91 78
  • Association Ultimedia - Adress: Maison Bourgogne. 108 rue de Bourgogne - Tel: 02 38 62 38 41
  • EPN Kennedy La Source - Adress: Avenue du Président Kennedy - Tel: 02 38 76 02 51

Nice & Cheap Places to Eat



There are about 250 Couchsurfers in Orléans and its area. You can check the CS Group of Orléans or simply a couchsearch to find and contact them.

The City Ambassador of Orléans is Ebi


There are sometimes some meetings organised in Orléans, just check the CS Group of Orléans to see what happen in the city and/or the Regional CS Group of Centre (Center) to see if there is any event in the area.

Coffee or a Drink

Here is a list of persons who are ready to have a drink with you and/or show you the city:



How to get to Orléans

  • By Carpooling:

You can find a driver or passenger to share the ride and cut on travel cost. In France carpooling is very popular and is called "covoiturage".
Try Envoiture.fr to get to Orléans.

  • By Car:

From Paris you can take the highway A10 (direction Bordeaux/Nantes) or the N20.

  • By Train: from Paris, go to the Austerlitz station take the train named "Aqualys" to Orléans. There are two stations in Orléans. Les Aubrais Orléans station which is not in the Town Center (easier to access by car) and Orléans which is in Town Center.
  • By Plane:

There are no airport in Orleans. The best way is to land in Paris and take train to Orleans.

Bus and Trams

SEMTAO manage buses and tram lines in Orleans. the tram line was inaugurated the 20 November 2000. Orléans and the 22 towns of the suburb are served by 33 bus lines. The tram links Fleury les Aubrais station to Orléans crossing Orléans la Source and the Center of the city. Here are the basical rates you can have:

  • One ticket: 1,30 €
  • 10 tickets: 11,90 €
  • 30 tickets: 31,30 €
  • Day Ticket: 3,50 €
  • Week-End Ticket: 3,50 €



  • Police Station:

Police secours : 17
Police municipale : 02 38 79 23 45

  • Health Urgency:

Samu : 15

  • Hospital:

Centre Hospitalier Régional d'Orléans La Source - Adress: 14 avenue de l'hôpital 45100 Orléans
Centre Hospitalier Régional d'Orléans Porte madeleine - Adress: 1 porte Madeleine 45000 Orléans
Common standard: 02 38 51 44 44

  • Fireman Station:

Pompiers : 18

  • Embassy:
  • Emergency Doctor:

SOS médecin : 02 38 54 44 44





France Orleans panorama 01.jpg