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Nuremberg - Nürnberg
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Country: Germany
Region: Bavaria
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Nuremberg is a German city located in Middle Franconia (important: not in Bavaria, please refer to a native Franconian for more information). It is renowned for its tasty beer, crazy dialect and great CS community.

Local CS community

Regular Activities

Every monday we have a regular meeting . Feel free to join! We normally start around 7pm with an open-end. The reservation will be on "Couchsurfing". We pick a different location every week so check out the local group or search events near Nuremberg for more information.

Look here for all the locations where we've already been.

Local couchsurfers also organise smaller meetings several times a week. Join the local group to know what is going on at the time of your travels there.

Every August we celebrate the | "Big franconian meeting" - our city-meeting once a year.

Who to contact

If you intend to come to Nuremberg or have questions during your stay the Nuremberg / Erlangen / Fürth CS forum is a good point to start from.

If you are looking for a host, try a couchsearch and write to individual members. Read the advice on How to write a good request to be successful. You can also try Erlangen or Fürth. Especailly Fürth is only a 10-minute metro-ride from downtown Nuremberg. In case of emergency join our | last-minute-group.

Getting to Nuremberg

By Train

Nuremberg has a big train station right next to the old city. For tickets have a look at Deutsche Bahn.

By Plane

Cheap flights to and from Nuremberg can be made with Air Berlin. Nuremberg airport is a destination for both domestic and European flights. The airport is fairly small and can be reached easily by metro (U2) within 20 minutes from the city centre/main train station.

By Car

Nuremberg used to be an important trade city in the Middle Ages due to its central position in Europe. Today it is still like a hub for travellers especially when they travel by car. There are three important motorways going by:

  • A3 (Dutch border - Cologne - Frankfurt - Würzburg - Nuremberg - Regensburg - Austrian border)
  • A6 (also called "Via Carolina", from Sarrebruck to the German-Czech border)
  • A9 (Salzburg - Munich - Nuremberg - Berlin)

By Ride-Share

The cheapest way to hop from city to city is to find a private rideshare at | Mitfahrgelegenheit or | Mitfahrzentrale.

Getting along in Nuremberg

Hotels / Motels / B&Bs

Nuremberg is home of the famous Toy Fair so most big hotel chains are present here. Especially during the fairs (the most important apart from the Toy Fair being the BioFach), hotels are really expensive and booked out months in advance.

If you look for a more economical way of staying in Nuremberg you definitely should consider CouchSurfing. In the case that no couch is available throughout Nuremberg the city offers plenty of hostels. The most famous ones are the Jugendherberge next to the Nuremberg Castle and the A&O . In Nuremberg | Motel-One is very in common. Also keep your eyes open for "Pensionen" which are basically the same.

Eating and Drinking

Nuremberg offers a great variety of food and beverage. You can have traditional Frankonian food like Schäufele (baked pork shoulder) and small Nürnberger Bratwürste (grilled sausages), international food (Chinese, Thai, American, Italian etc.) and of course fast food. In summer all the people also use to go to Nuremberg's many beergardens to lead in the evening. Here are some recommendations (of course subjective):

  • Restaurant Kaiserburg (Bohemian): situated beneath the castle, this is still not your typical touristy restaurant. Bohemian cuisine with huge (and yummy) servings. Great value for money.
  • Bratwursthäusle (Franconian): The best grilled sausages in town! Right next to the Sebaldus church, near the Hauptmarkt. Eating at the restaurant is not cheap but you can also buy a sausage sandwich (ask for "3 im Weggla") to go which also tastes great and is only 2€. By the way, the building might look ancient but it was built in the 1960ies. Waitresses wear traditional clothes called Dirndl. A touristy spot with mainly elderly patrons. Mid-range prices.
  • Ristorante Del Centro (Italian): Opposite the Arabella-Sheraton hotel, near the main train station. Very good italian food.
  • Thai Food 1 (Thai): Best Thai food in town. Do not confuse it with Thai 3 or Thai 4.
  • Kopernikusbiergarten (Franconian/Polish): Biggest and yummiest Schnitzel in town. Good selection of local beer from micro-breweries (Krug, Meister, Hetzelsdorfer, Lindenbräu) for little money (2,90€ for 0,5l). The place gets quite busy when the weather is nice. Patrons from all backgrounds, age ranging from 0 - 80.
  • Zeit und Raum: Best place for lunch with a weekly menu. Business lunch is around 5,30€. Dinner Specials called Punk Cuisine with a themed eveing once a month (reservation recommended). There is also a cocktail bar called Rote Bar next to the café. Mainly young people, especially in the evening.
  • Café Wanderer: Right next to the castle, this spot is really beautiful when it is sunny. Good selection of local beer from micro-breweries (Lindenbräu, Schanzenbräu, Meister) for a fair price (2,90€ for 0,5l).
  • EKU Inn: the best steak house in town. The decor is dreadful, very ninties but the meat is delicious. Prices are not budget-friendly but if you are looking for a great meal, it is recommended to eat there.
  • [cafeklatsch.wordpress.com | Café Klatsch]: If you prefer vegan food, this is your place to be.
  • [www.landbierparadies.com/wirtshaeuser/sterzingerstrasse/index.php | Landbierparadies]: A fantastic place with a beergarden during the summer, bavarian food and franconian beer.

Look in the list of the weekly-meeting-locations to find more restaurants

Most of the restaurants are quite affordable. Main courses normally are between 7€ and 12€ (tax and service included). Watch out for special deals like a lunch special. It says on the menu that service is included but it is common to leave a tip of between 5 and 10%, depending how satisified you are with the service and the food.

If you order a beer, a "Halbe" (Half) is not a small beer but half a litre. If you want more, order a "Maß" (1 litre).

Public Transport

Public transportation in Nuremberg is pretty good. There is a metro/underground with 2 lines (soon 3 lines), a tramway system (Straßenbahn), buses and rapid trains into the suburbs (S-Bahn). They are run by the VGN and VAG. Tickets can be bought directly at the stops or the main train station. Some smaller shops also sell them (watch out for the VGN logo). Nuremberg and Fürth are connected by the bus system and the metro. There is a frequent train to Erlangen and Fürth. Public transport runs from around 5:30 am until about half past midnight.

Nightliner Friday and Saturday there are special night buses called Nightliner. Those buses run throughout the region around the city. They leave at 1am, 2am, 3am and 4am at the main train station in Nuremberg, Erlangen and Fürth. If you have bought a day ticket, you can use it on those buses.

If you would like the area around Nuremberg, the best option is to buy a Tagesticket Plus Verbundweit/Gesamtraum. This allows you to travel the entire VGN network. You can go anywhere, from Amberg to Forchheim, a distance of about 60 kilometres. This is the perfect option for the weekend because the ticket is valid Saturday and Sunday if bought on Saturday, for up to 6 people (max 2 adults), including your bikes.

If you would like to explore farther cities you should choose bayern-Ticket sigle for one person or bayern-Ticket plus up to 5 people. For whole Germany on a weekend they offer Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket which allows 5 people to travel around whole germany for one day.

explore the city by bike

Noris Bike offers a rent a bike system. You take a bike from on of the 66 stations which are spread at the inner city and return at every station you want to. You have to register yourself by phone or internet and immediatelly start riding a bike.

In Case of Trouble

Nuremberg is a pretty safe city but you never know. In the case of a fire break-out or general emergencies call 112, call 110 if you need police assistance. If someone gets hurt call an ambulance by dialing 19222.

These numbers should work from every cellular phone. If you don't have one look out for a phone booth or ask passers-by for help. Emergency calls don't cost anything. If you confuse the numbers it also shouldn't be a problem, you will be routed through. Please make sure to remember at least one of these numbers.


Outdoor Activities

Only a thirty minute ride by car, bus or train from Nuremberg, the Franconian Swiss (Fränkische Schweiz) offers fantastic opportunities for hiking, biking, climbing, cave seeking.

  • The 5-Seidla-Steig (5-pint-trail) offers a truly franconian experience. At a 10/20 km trail you pass fantastic landscape and minimum 5 typical restaurants with delicious homemade food and self-brewed beer. Don´t miss to grap a beer-passport at the first beergarden to collect a stamp at every restaurant. This is your chance to recieve a colorfull pint.
  • Erfahrungsfeld der Sinne: is another type of funpark. Come and explore your senses for example at the dark-restaurant. The outdoor-part is just open during the summer!
  • Tiergarten: the zoo of nuremberg offers not only a big number of exotic animals (exotic in matter of Germany!) it also owns a dolphinarium.
  • Lakes: there is a quite big number of lakes around nuremberg which offer a lot of different activities like sailing, swimming, fishing, canoeing, paddle. For example Rothsee, Brombachsee, Birkensee, Langsee Bad

Bars and Clubs

There are many bars especially in the city center. Most bars and clubs can be reached easily on foot or public transport. Bigger night clubs are outside the old city. The list is endless and includes our personal opinion.


  • Salon Regina: this place is phenomenal. With the first sunbeam of the year the guests use the sunny place in front of the bar. The former grandma-café turned to a stylish place with good beer and traditional food. Daily changing lunch offers.
  • Café & Bar Ludwigs: chilly atmosphere, great owner, fine drinks. Every tuesday you can listen to live music. They also offer a free W-lan access. Come, see and stay! Or come again ;)
  • Weinerei (Prinzregentenufer 5, Friday & Saturday 9pm - 1am): A winebar/gallery. You pay 1€ deposit on your glass and then sample the wine they put up in bottles on the bar. At the end you pay as much as you think you should. Has become a regular spot for local CS people before hitting the clubs. Relaxed atmosphere with friendly staff.


  • Club Stereo: Downtown location (Klaragasse). The club is located downstairs. It gets quite crowded for certain events.
  • DESI: Not a nightclub in the strict sense. Basically it is a cultural centre with concerts but they also have DJ nights. Very mixed crowd, more on the "alternative" side. Not so bad beergarden where they also show films in an open-air cinema.
  • K4: Great place for concerts. No air condition though which means it gets really hot in there. For events like "Bucovina", the queue is really long. Not so bad beergarden.

For more informations about events, parties and concerts have a look at curt.de or prinz.de


There are five streets in Nuremberg suitable for shopping activities. They are called Karolinenstraße, Königstraße, Adlerstraße, Breite Gasse and Kaiserstraße and can be found directly in the old town district between main railway station and Hauptmarkt. All the major clothing lines can be found in the Breite Gasse and Karolinenstraße: H&M (2 stores), Zara, Mango, Esprit, United Colours of Benetton, Hallhuber, S. Oliver etc. Müller and DM are drugstores though Müller also carries CDs and DVDs. Karstadt carries everything, they even have a supermarket at metro level. Wöhrl might look quite conservative from the outside but the concept store U1 at metro level caters to the taste of young and trendy people. You also find a hairdresser and a sushi bar between all the clothes racks. In the Königstraße you can find some luxury store like Louis Vuitton and Hèrmes.



Nuremberg used to be a central point for traders during the Middle ages due to its central position. It also was the city where the German emperors were crowned.


Nuremberg has several churches, the most important ones being St. Sebald and St. Lorenz. The castle overlooking the old town cannot be missed. The inner city was severely bombed during WWII. If you want to know how it used to look before the war, take a walk through the pitoresque Weissgerbergasse where most houses were spared from destruction. For more info have a look at the English Wikipedia. If you want to grap a city map or need special informations have a look at the tourist information at the other side of the main trainstation or at the main market.

Nearby Cities

Due to its central position, you can use Nürnberg as a starting point for daytrips. There a quite a few interesting cities within a short distance (1 - 1,5 hours by train or car).

  • Würzburg
  • Bamberg
  • Rothenburg ob der Tauber
  • Regensburg

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