Meeting Minutes/2020-08-03 Meeting Name

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Trustroots Meeting

  • Date: 2020-08-03 18:00 UTC+2/CEST
  • Facilitator: None
  • Present: Chagai, Reto and Nikki.


  • None really...

Action points and outcomes

  • Donation Page - Get rid of donation options currently unavailable.
  • Pull requests, ease of process - Need Mikael's approval
  • We spoke about how Mikael feels about the project in general and specifically about his tasks, are there any urgent things? Does he feel like he has too much on his plate?
  • Nikki said she could perhaps take some of the design off Mikael's plate.
  • focus a lot more on the developers because otherwise we will not have enough features and that is what a lot of us want to make it worthy as a competitor to CS, not everyone will be on board with this, maybe start a discussion.
  • Join forces with / Reto
  • Add expert mode(look for a better word) or unstable mode so that some features come out already for users who want to see that and maybe also a developer mode so developers see where this is going.
  • let us try to get the references somehow - we think it should be finished how can we do it?