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Freeze moderation tool

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This tool is meant to be used by moderation to put a thread on hold for a short period.

Is this a couchsurfing feature?

Conditions of use

It sometimes happen when a discussion is taking place between many people that two of them are at the computer at the same time for a long time. If they are challenging each other, it is very likely that the discussion will turn into a conversation between the two, leaving behind all other participants.

For the sake of the quality of the argument, the "freeze tool" allows a moderator that is witnessing this event to put the discussion on hold for a time, in order for other people to be able to log on and read it and reply.

It also can be used to defuse an discussion that is turning into an argument.

Description of the tool

A moderator must come to this place and copy-paste the content of the paragraph "The tool" and post it into the thread he means to freeze (editing the date). He is free to write additional content.

The tool


This thread is hereby frozen from any post for 2 days. Group members are free to post again from DATE.

If you do post before that, you will be automatically removed from the group for 5 days.

The description of this moderation tool can be found <a href="">there</a>.