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Country: France
Region: Burgundy
Blason of the City
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Dijon is a city in France.

When you look up Dijon in the encyclopedia, you’ll find ; Dijon, city in France, “capital “ of the Burgundy region, 150.000 citizens, 18th most populated city in France......, well known for it’s mustard and wine! Yes, this is the mustard city, come and discover all the varieties. And yes, our region is also world famous for our burgundy wine, and talking about drinks, don’t forget to taste the speciality of Dijon, the Kir, a drink of white wine mixed with créme de cassis (a blackcurrant liquor).

Dijon is not just a gastronomical city, the city also has beautiful monuments and a historical center with charming houses, churches, museums, squares, gardens, cafes, restaurants, shops.....

History of Dijon

More informations about the History of Dijon on the wikipedia:Dijon !

What to visit ?

More informations about the places to visit in Dijon on the wikivoyage:Dijon !

Notre Dame


We meet up for a drink or other on Wednesday's evening mainly, at the Flannery's (4 Place Saint-Bénigne, in Dijon). Meeting will be announced on the local group of Dijon If you're not a member of the group, but you want to participate in a meeting, don't hesitate to contact one of us.

Mailing List


The museums in Dijon has FREE ENTRANCE!!!!

Here is a list of some interesting museums:

  • Musée des Beaux-Arts - Art museum
  • Musée de la Vie Bourguignonne
  • Musée archéologique - museum of archaeology
  • Muséum Jardin des sciences - Botanical garden and science museum
  • Musée Magnin - Art museum in an old house


Rue de la Liberté

Meeting Organisers

See the site of the group groupe Dijon

Coffee or a drink

Look up the profiles on the counchsearch list.


How to get there

All roads leads to Dijon, or almost!

By train Dijon is easily accessible by train; TGV or TER. For example Dijon is 1 hour and 42 minutes from Paris (by TGV, 3 hours by TER), 3 hours from Lille (TGV), 1 hour and 45 minutes from Lyon (by TGV, 2 hours by TER), 3,5 – 5 hours from Marseille. For more information and reservation of tickets go to SNCF(for language options see the buttom of the page to the left)

By bus You can go to Dijon by bus as well, many of Eurolines buses passes by Dijon.

By plane There is an airport in Dijon, but it is very small The best deal is probably to fly to Paris or Lyon and then jump on the train to Dijon

Getting around in Dijon

In the center of Dijon, most things can be done by feet. But the city has a great bus system, easy and cheap. If you want to go further away, there are other buses, tranco, that takes you outside Dijon, and the train.

You can rent a bike at the tourist office.

In Case of Emergency

  • Police Station:
  • Health Urgency:
  • Hospital:
  • Fireman Station:
  • Embassy:
  • Emergency Doctor:

Local Media Mentions

File:Article CS - Bien Public - 16 Juin 2009 Dijon.bmp
Le Bien Public, Local Newspaper, June 16th 2009