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Jump to: navigation, search was a little (fun) network with just over 170 members. To become a member you (have to get invited by someone else.) you can just join!

Its name is a very obvious rip off of CouchSurfing.

"Comment by Patrick Rau, creator of Nothing about is a rip off, not the idea, not the name, nothing. I ve had the idea to build couchsurfing 1999, or earlier, i don t even remember. and, who cares, we should be happy social networks exist and shouldn't fight about "rip offs". that doesn't make sense at all."

I love that presentation :) Lemon-head 04:53, 14 November 2009 (UTC)

Own Site Description

The couchsurfing community connects social networks with each other. All members are responsible to help extending the network.

The community is for people who want to find out about the place they are travelling to by making contact with locals or with people who have already visited there.

The concept behind couchsurfing is that members can contact one another via e-mail.

As a member of this community, you can for example use the search engine to find someone who lives exactly where you want to go. Or maybe you can find somebody who has been there before sharing experiences

This type of personal contact can enable you to get much more information than a guidebook could offer. In addition to general information about your destination, you might be able to find a local to meet up with, or even hook up a place to stay.

You could also receive mail from another member who is interested in information about your country or city.

Couchsurfing's aim is to create a social and exciting rapport between travellers from all over the world who can share, learn from each other and have a great time.

Newsletter - Big Change

cc> It has been a while since i have sent the last newsletter.
cc> To be honest, unfortunately the idea of connecting social
cc> networks based on the theory of the six degrees of separation,
cc> kind of didn't really work out very well.

cc> Many members got the idea and helped extending our friendly
cc> network inviting other people. But, since the site is up for even
cc> a couple of years now, the result is not really great.

cc> A couple of days ago, a different but
cc> similar community, lost all its data. 
cc> I feel very sorry for the people who built 
cc> They did a great job.
cc> Now, I get many requests of former members.
cc> I have decided to welcome all of them, everybody who wants to
cc> join

cc> To keep the concept based on the theory of
cc> the six degrees of separation alive, all new members names who
cc> haven't been invited by people who are allready members, will
cc> appear with a "*".

cc> We will work out some ideas maybe to be able to link all
cc> different hopefully developing social networks with each other.

cc> We'll see what happens next.

cc> Best,
cc> Patrick and Pantelis 


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