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"Little Paris"
Country: Romania
Region: Europe
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Bucharest is the capital city of Romania. It is also the main urban agglomeration of Romania. It's the city where you can find (almost) anything, only that you have to know where to look for it.

Looks like Google-Maps, but also has marked important landmarks in Bucharest; search button is on the right side.

Where to Sleep

CouchSurfers & Couch requests & more info

You can use the couchsearch method / advanced in order to find the real CS diamonds!

Here are the Tips that migh help you a lot

How to make a profile

How to read a profile

Finding and Requesting a Couch

How to write a Couch Request

All tips about references

Tips for hosting

Tips for surfing

Safety for surfers

Safety for hosts

Tips for solo travelers

Tips for family traveling

Our advice is to print and have with you the emergency list while you travel in a specific country.

Other alternatives - hostels

- Midland Hostel - < 15 euros / night in a dorm / person

Address: Str. Biserica Amzei no. 22, 010395, sector 1, Bucharest

E-mail: office@themidlandhostel.com ; office2@themidlandhostel.com

Phone no. : (0040) 21 314 5323(landline) ; (0040) 727596084(cell phone)

More directions on the website

- Boutique Hostel

Adress: No1 Theodor Stefanescu str, sector 2, Bucharest

Reception Phone: 0040 21 315 1671 & 0040 21 315 1642

E-mail: office@boutiquehostel.ro

- Hostel L'Incontro Adresă: Str. Postavarului Nr. 92, Bucuresti, Romania

Telefon: 021/3452288 / (+40)0732/113702

Web: www.lincontro.ro

- Kiwi Hostel Address: Viilor Street, No 44, Sector 5, Bucharest Phone: 004031.805.68.81; 004031.805.68.82

Tariffs: Single Person Room: 50 (breakfast included) 45 (without breakfast)

- Hostel Helga Address: Str. Salcamilor nr.2 , Sector 2, Bucuresti Phone: 0040-21-6102214; 0040-21-2106793 Fax: 0040-21-6102214 e-mail: helga@rotravel.com

Details: capacity of 30 people. Tariffs: 10 Euro, breakfast included.

Details: rooms with double beds. Tariffs: 50 Euro/1 person, 60 Euro/2 persons.

- Butterfly Villa Hostel Address: Str. Dumitru Zosima nr. 82, Bucuresti Phone: 0040 747 032 644, 0040 21 224 19 18

Details: 6 rooms with 30 beds. Tariffs: 8-13 Euro.

- Elvis' Villa Hostel Address: Str. Avram Iancu nr.5, Bucuresti Phone: (0040)21-312-1653, (004)0213133198, (004)0723515088 e-mail: info@elvisvilla.ro

Tariffs: Collective rooms - 8 Euro/person; each room has between 5 and 12 beds. Private rooms - from 14 Euro per person, €8 for each extra-person.

Elvis' Villa is situated in the center of Bucharest: 10 minute walk from Piata Universitatii.

- The Funky Chicken Hostel Address: Str. Gen. Berthelot nr. 63, Sector 1, Bucuresti Phone: 004 021 312 14 25 e-mail: mail@funkychickenhostel.com

Details: 10 min walk from "Gara de Nord", 2 min from "Gradina Cismigiu", 10 min from "Piata Revolutiei" Tariffs: 8 Euro

- Vila Gabriela Address: Str. Margaritarului Vila A nr. 104, Otopeni, Bucuresti Phone: 0040-21-352.20.53; 0040-722-214487 ; 0040-723-566714 e-mail: pensiuneagabriela@yahoo.com

Details: capacity of 16 people (2 rooms * 2 beds, 1 room double bed, 1 room w 3 beds, 1 room single , 1 room w 4 bed) Tariffs: from 10 Euro/person to 17 Euro/person, depending on the type of room.

Special note: Otopeni is a suburb of Bucharest, you are not going to be hosted in Bucharest actually. The advantage is cleaner air and less noise. The disadvantage is that you have quite a few extra kilometers (or miles if you prefer) and you have to pass congested traffic from 7 to 10 and again from 16 (4PM) to 20 (8PM).

Link to some cheap hostels

Where to Eat

Cheap Places

Sorry, for the moment the list and the explanations are in Romanian. If a good soul would like to make the translation we are welcoming the effort.

This is a list of student places. It's not about restaurants, it's about getting a decent meal at an extreme price.

List of places with cheap food in Bucharest

  • MOXA is probably the best place to eat from all the city. Most probably is cause of hungry students, but a big faculty needs also a big kitchen too. ~ 5 lei for a complete menu.
  • Piata Rosetti. fix menu, u have to pay even 1 slice of bread.
  • Law Faculty - 1 menu ~ 10-12 lei - closed during the summer - !!!
  • SNSPA - satisfies the many also for quality / price report. ~ 8 lei for 3 types of food / not so big portions after all. very crowded place!
  • Leu Campus - 2 places to eat:
    • First: underground in building A / demisol. ~ 10 lei, double portions.
    • Second: behind the complex / it has a terrace too. prices a little bit higher than the first.
  • Theology Faculty. Good food, good price but it is respecting fasting periods during the year!
  • Also Canteens from Vet. Faculty and also the canteen from Theater and Movie Univ. = UNATC
  • Pizza Maxx -> low prices, big portion, food tasty, if you are lucky you can find also something vegetarian. The "big Problem" is that you can find food only until 13:00 - 13:30.
  • At the ground floor of the Romtelecom building on Calea Victoriei, not too expensive, not too cheap
  • At the Radio Society, open Monday-Friday until 5 PM. You should enter the building using the Temisana street entrance (turn left from Popa Savu, Stirbei Voda area). You don't need an entrance ticket to the radio, just enter the hallway and go up to the middle level. Follow the food smell! Food is really good, they make it there daily, including home-made cakes! Recommended: the carrot and nut cake, they usually make it on Wed and Fri.

* HB

Romanian food restaurant is on Brezoianu str, just near Universul Building, La Vatra

Not-so-cheap Places

Qype - Restaurants

Qype - Cafes

VirtualTourist Restaurants

Caru cu Bere

Baba Dochia

La Mama

La Radu

Cocosu Rosu

Burebista Restaurant -> on 14th Batistei Street across USA Embassy

Vegan Places

Unfortunately, Bucharest is not a vegan friendly city. There are only two vegetarian restaurants and both are quite expensive, especially for Romanian standards. Mandala (http://www.happycow.net/reviews.php?id=19098) is the lesser expensive of the two, but it does not have a very wide range of vegan food, most dishes contain milk, cheese, eggs, etc. The manager says he is going to change the menu to include more vegan food in September 2010. The other more expensive restaurant is Casa Satya (http://www.happycow.net/reviews.php?id=15198)

You will be able to find vegan/vegetarian selections in almost every restaurant. One with a wide choice of recipies is New York Pizza, at Nicolae Grigorescu Metro station. They offer pizza, pasta, traditional food and even sweets, all in vegan variety. A good advice for vegans is to also try the international fast food chains that allow you to create your food (like Spring Time or Gregory's) and also traditional libanese, indian or chinese restaurants. A very good local fast food with traditional turkish food is Alice Kebap at Rosetti Square (Universitate Metro station), that offers the best falafel in town. In any other restaurant, you will be able to find side dishes (rice, potatoes, vegetables) and a variety of salads for you to eat. Some restaurants (City Grill/Cafe) have even included some veggie sandwiches and soups in their menues, although there is not so much to chose from.

Regarding the traditional food, most of "Romania's best" is food that includes meat and cheese, but not exclusively. Mamaliga (polenta) for example, is a sort of corn bread, usualy ate with cheese and sour cream, but can also be eaten with garlic sauce. Sarmale, the traditional excelence, can be found in vegan variety (soy, rice and champignons instead of meat) in many restaurants. In any supermarket you will find vegan products (from the usual fruits and vegetables, canned or raw, to soy products or international delights). Some of the best are Mega Image and Cora. Do read the labels (some might be labeled as vegan although they have gelatine or milk proteine). The usual vegan pastry stuff is that filled with champignons or fruit (Fornetti, Princess), but don't be afraid to ask for more options!

The good way to ask for vegan food is "Ce aveti de post?" (meaning "What lent food is there?"), romanians not being very familiar with vegan/vegetarian lifestyle. Enjoy!

There is a free vegan barbeque in a bar/club called Underworld (http://www.myspace.com/underworldpunkclub) every Sunday. Check with them for the time as it changes.


An interactive map of Bucharest

How to get in Bucharest by plane, buses, or travel in the city or outside it ... see all below!

Transportation Maps

surface transportation (buses and trams)

Metro lines (in RO: magistrala(sg) / magistrale (pl))

Metro Map

Night transportation

between 23:00 - 01:00 every 30 minute

between 01:00 - 05:00 every 60 minute

between 05:00 - 06:00 every 30 minute

Bus Lines + their routes

Map of night buses

Road Distances

InterRail info, in Romanian


Address: Bucuresti, DN1 Bucuresti - Ploiesti nr. km 4 Tel: 021 - 232.00.20 Fax: 021 - 232.36.87 E-mail: office@baneasa.aero

Address: Bucuresti, DN1 Bucuresti - Ploiesti nr. km 16 Tel: 021 - 201.40.00; 021 - 201.40.50 Fax: 021 - 201. 49.90 E-mail: otp@otp-airport.ro

From the Airports to the Center

  • From Otopeni Airport (end of the line) you can take express bus number 783 to the Victory Square (Piata Victoriei) or Universitatii Square (piata Universitatii) or Unirii Square (Piata Unirii) = end of the line.

Each one of these stations in Bucharest has connection to the Metro network.

  • by bus:783 Express Line:

Pta Unirii (5:30, 23:00), N. Balcescu, Lascar Catargiu, Aviatorilor, N. Prezan, Sos. Kiseleff, Sos. Bucuresti/Ploiesti, Aeroport Baneasa, Aeroport Henry Coanda (5:30, 23:00)

last bus is at 23:00 / 11pm ---- first bus is at 05:30am

here is the stations time schedule:

http://www.ratb.ro/download/trasee/783_AEROPORT_OTOPENI.pdf http://www.ratb.ro/download/trasee/783_PIATA_UNIRII.pdf

Tickets (valid for 2 trips or 2 persons) cost 7 Lei.

  • From Baneasa Airport you can also take the express line 783, or 780 or tram number5.
  • You can take a taxi. Check the tariff before.

From the Airports to the Railway Station

If you wish to connect from Baneasa Airport (normal ticket 1.3 lei) - it will take you to Gara de Nord (Noth Train Station) you can take bus 205

Linia 780

Str. Fluviului(05:15;22:45), Bd. Dinicu Golescu, Piata Garii de Nord, Calea Grivitei, Str. Clabucet, Str. Av. Popisteanu, Bd. Expozitiei, Piata Presei Libere, Sos. Bucuresti-Ploiesti, Aeroportul International Henri Coanda(05:30;23:00)

first bus 5:15, last one: 23:00

here is the stations time schedule:

http://www.ratb.ro/download/trasee/780AEROPORTOTOPENI.pdf http://www.ratb.ro/download/trasee/780FLUVIULUI.pdf


All cabs / taxi in Bucharest are yellow! The price per km are written on sides of the car and inside on the counter (taxameter)! Taxis can be summoned by telephone or hailed on the street.

Usually the price per km is around 1.4 to 2 Lei. Check the taxi fares and ask the driver to confirm the approximate cost of the ride, if not sure. Please be aware that some taxi companies are much more expensive than others, so make sure you don't pay more than about 2 lei/km.

You might need to add 0040 (Romania code) + 21 (Bucharest code) in front of the number. These are recommended companies. Call them in this order:

Occident - 9413; Pelicanul - 9665; Taxi 2000 - 9494; Cobalcescu – 9451; Cristaxi – 9461; As - 9435; Sheriff - 9439; Stass - 9498; Tess - 9638; Alfa – 9488; Leone – 9425; Meridian – 9444; Mondial– 9423; Perozzi – 9631; Prof Taxi - 9422; Speed – 9477

Phone numbers of taxi companies

Bus lines

Bus routes in Romanian / Bus routes in English

  • Eurolines Romania

Romanian version / English version

  • Atlassib

Romanian version / English version

On the link above you will find contact method, price, schedule, adress, etc.

Connections to: Germany, Spain, Italy, France, England, Belgium, Holland, Portugal, Austria, Greece, Switzerland, Marocco, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Ireland, Turkey



Bicicle park with 100 bicicles in Bucharest.

ADRESS: Bd. Mihail Kogălniceanu Nr. 36-46, Sector 5 Bucureşti

Metrou: Staţia Eroilor / Bus line: 122, 137, 268, 336, 601, 61, 69, 90, 91

T 0755 CENTRU (+40755236878); email: centru@cicloteque.ro

Schedule: monday – friday: 8:00 – 22:00 / saturday & sunday : 10:00 – 22 :00


Access you Cicloteque services is made by member card. Any person older than 18 years can become a member.

Membership tariffs:

100 LEI / year* - whole tariff / 50 LEI / year*

- with discounts for students or retired people; you need to prove this by student card or talon de pensie)

  • 12 months from the subscription time.

A Cicloteque member can rent 1 bicycle along with other accesories: anti-stolen chain, protection helmet. The renting period is from the the moment the bike is rented and till you bring it back (+ accesories).

Renting is by hour(/h), with returnal in 12 hours(/12h) or with returnal 2nd day (/24h).

Renting tariffs:

1h: 2 LEI (whole tariff) / 1 LEU (Discount tariff)

12h: 10 LEI (whole tariff) / 5 LEI (Discount tariff)

24h: 20 LEI (whole tariff) / 10 LEI (Discount tariff)

If the member is in the situation of impossible restitution before the expiring renting time, or simply wish to extend the renting term, he / she can announce this through a call. Members can operate term extendings maximum 72h.

Starting from august, you can park your bicicle in special places:

UniCredit Gheţarilor, Cărturesti Verona, Facultatea de Litere, Facultatea de Drept Politehnica Electronica (Leu), Politehnica Automatica (Rectorat), ASE Moxa ASE Agronomie, Copacul de Hârtie (Str. Domniţa Ruxandra 15)

Car Rentals

Car Rental


The main railway station of Bucharest is "Gara de Nord" (Bucharest Nord). It is well connected to the public transportation network (metro station "Gara de Nord" + many buses/trolleys). All the international trains come and go from here.

  • National(internal) trains - for which you can also see the price of the ticket

Romanian English

  • International trains

German Railways site (English)

On the site you can see the route, departure and arrival time, but the ticket price is available only at the railway stations or agencies.

For more information (prices and timetable) you should either go the main "CFR Agency" located in Brezoianu Str. 10, telephone: (004)0213132642 or call them at (004)0213145528. If you want to visit more Balkan countries at once, you can ask about the special train ticket called "Balkan Flexipass".

Informatii suplimentare despre acest serviciu se pot obţine la telefon: (004)0731990129, de luni până vineri in intervalul orar 9.00-15.00 sau la adresa de email : bileteonline@cfrcalatori.ro

You can obtain more suplimentary info calling this number: (0040)0731990129, from Monday till Friday, between 9am - 3pm or by e-mail: bileteonline@cfrcalatori.ro.

rezervare prin telefon a biletelor de tren 15-Feb-2008 Serviciul de rezervare telefonica a biletelor functioneaza demonstrându-si eficienta si utilitatea din anul 2001, în Gara de Nord din Bucuresti – la numarul 9522, iar începând cu data de 01 august 2006, s-a extins astfel:

în gara din Constanta la nr. 0727 999952

în gara din Timisoara Nord la nr. 0256 200457

în gara din Cluj Napoca la nr. 0264 952

în gara din Brasov la nr. 0268 421700

în gara din Iasi la nr. 0232 202777

în gara din Galati la nr. 0236 496000

Caracteristicile serviciului de rezervare prin telefon :

rezervarile de locuri se fac numai în ziua plecarii trenului, la vagoanele clasa din compunerea trenurilor care circula în trafic local cu plecare din statiile sus amintite; serviciul poate fi utilizat si de catre beneficiarii de reduceri din tarifele de transport pe calea ferata, cu conditia ca la ridicarea biletului sa poata dovedi reducerea; biletele se ridica cel mai tarziu cu 30 minute înainte de plecarea trenului, în caz contrar rezervarea se pierde. Fata de contravaloarea biletului de tren se mai achita o taxa de rezervare de 3RON;

tariful pentru apeluri este cel obisnuit si aferent retelei de telefonie în care se efectueaza convorbirea; programul de lucru cu publicul este permanent;

Going Out & Events

Check out Bucharest's Google Calendar

For those of you that have a Google account, just add it to your Google Calendar


Huge List of Clubs and Bars in Bucharest (English)

What follows is just a small part of Bucharest's nightlife, that has been properly tested :-) !

  • Club A

Cheap student’s bar in the old center of Bucharest; there's ALWAYS people here, even when all other places are dead. And the music plays until 4-6 every night of the week. Drinks are VERY cheap. Originally filled up by architect students, now all kinds of people come here. Usually there's an entrance of 3-5 RON for guys, not so often for girls.

Strada Blanari, nr. 14

  • Expirat/The Other Side

Medium price bar in the center of Bucharest, right across the most beautiful park here, Cismigiu park. They have two bars, connected to each other. Expirat plays party music of all sorts, and in The Other Side the music is more house/disco/breaks. No concert/DJ - no entrance fee.

Strada Brezoianu, nr. 4

  • Fabrica

Weird beyond imagination bar (in a former factory), near to the center of Bucharest. Music is OK, mix of the 90’s. No entrance when there are no events.

Strada 11 Iunie, nr. 50

  • Fire Club

Medium price bar/club in the middle of Bucharest’s old center, with themed music nights (ex. Wednesday – britpop/indie/new wave music; Friday – VH1 best of, etc.). No entrance if no event or weekend.

Str. Gabroveni, nr. 12

Medium priced bar/terrace near the center - open 24/7 all year with jazz music and theater nights. Entrance only for concerts or theatre (about 10-20 RON).

Calea Victoriei, nr. 120

  • Revenge

cheap bar in the old center of the city, if you can bear the mix between latino and heavy metal, all in the same evening! No entrance fee.

Strada Selari, nr. 9

  • Studio Bar

medium priced bar in Titan neighborhood (SE of Bucharest) with mix of rock music (starting with 90’s alternative, going through punk and heavy metal). No entrance fee.

Strada Colonel Iosif Albu, nr. 62

medium priced hard & heavy bar, with nice, quiet (!!!) music. No entrance fee.

str. Sg. Ion Marcu 23 (from bd. Timisoara, before Mall Plaza )

General ways to find events

Here you can find some info about places to drink or do something:

SapteSeri - English

English - Top Ten Things to do in Bucharest

List of events in Bucharest - WhatsOnWhen

Things to do in Bucharest - VirtualTourist

Last.fm Musical Events - English

dordeduca [Romanian]: Upcoming Events in Romania Events in Bucharest

Metropotam Events- Romanian

Specific Events in 2009

  • January
  • February

* Songs from the Labyrinth - by Sting, on 10th of February


  • March

* Romanian Spring Meeting, When: 27 - 29March 2009, Where: Bran, near Brasov, Romania

  • April

Bucharest CS - meeting Flofish - 6th of April

Oadea Meeting - April, 11th

  • May

Mountain Trip (1st-8th May)

1st.- 3rd. of May 2009 Vama Veche by tent

Picnic at Snagov - May, 9th

  • June
  • July

Motorcycle riders invade Romania 2009 (24-26 July)

  • August

Transylvania calling 2009 - Gathering of the Tribes

Black Sea Summer Camp 2009, Romania - 4th edition, When: 29.08.2009 - 06.09.2009, Location: 2 Mai, Mangalia, Constanta, Romania

  • September
  • October
  • November
  • December

What to see/visit

Free walking tours

A walking tour is always the best solution for getting accustomed with a new city. You can find free guided walking tours of the city center, this beeing an option for budget travellers, youth and backpackers.


  • Romanian Literature Museum (since 1957)

Adress: Bd. Dacia nr.12

Programme: summer daily: 10-18; winter daily: 9-17; Monday - closed

  • K.H. Zambaccian Museum (Str. Muzeul Zambaccian nr. 21A; daily: 10-18; monday+ tuesday - closed)

Clădirea care adăposteşte colecţia, construită după planurile arhitectului C.D. Galian, a fost renovată în 1957. În 1978 muzeul a fost închis şi colecţia mutată la Muzeul Colecţiilor de Artă. În 1996, muzeul a fost redeschis în clădirea donată de Zambaccian, dar o parte din ambientul iniţial al colecţiei nu a mai putut fi reconstituit. Colecţia conţine 165 de picturi, 71 de desene, 40 de sculpturi din colecţia particulară de artă românească aparţinând cunoscutului om de afaceri şi colecţionar Krikor H. Zambaccian (1889-1962), oferind o imagine cuprinzătoare a dezvoltării artistice începând de la mijlocul sec. al XIX-lea.

  • Theodor Pallady Museum (Str. Spătarului nr.22 / daily: 10-18; monday+ tuesday - closed)

Muzeul care poartă astăzi numele lui Theodor Pallady adăposteşte colecţia Serafina şi Gheorghe Raut, în cadrul careia o importanţă deosebită o ocupă lucrările de pictură şi cele peste 800 de desene şi gravuri din creaţiile lui Pallady, opere de pictură franceză şi spaniolă din sec. XVIII-XIX, piese de mobilier şi artă orientală. Colecţiile sunt adăpostite în fosta casă Melik, ridicată către anul 1760 pentru familia negustorului cu acelaşi nume, fiind una dintre cele mai vechi clădiri din Bucureşti, exemplu reprezentativ al arhitecturii civile româneşti din epoca fanariotă.

  • Fr. Storck şi Cecilia Cuţescu Storck Plastic Art Collection (Str. Vasile Alecsandri nr. 16 / daily 9-17; monday + tuesday closed)

Muzeul este adăpostit în fosta locuinţă a sculptorului Frederic Storck şi a soţiei acestuia, pictoriţa Cecilia Cuţescu- Storck. Interiorul se distinge prin mai multe picturi murale în encaustică, purtând semnătura Ceciliei Cuţescu Stoeck. Patrimoniul muzeului cuprinde lucrări de grafică, pictură şi sculptură aparţinând artiştilor familiei- Karl, Carol, Frederic Storck. Karl Stork primul profesor de sculptură al Academiei de Belle Arte din Bucureşti.

  • Colecţia "Maria şi Dr. George Severeanu"

Str. Henry Coandă nr. 26 / Atenţie: închis temporar pentru restaurare / since: 1956 Profil: Arheologie daco-romană, Arheologie preistorică, numismatică Colecţia a fost donată Muzeului de Istorie a Municipiului Bucureşti ca urmare a dorinţei exprimate de cunoscutul medic radiolog şi pasionat colecţionar numismat Dr. George Severeanu înainte de dispariţia sa prematură, la 20 septembrie 1939. Prima donaţie a fost facută de Maria Severeanu în 1939.

  • Curtea Veche - Palatul Voievodal (Str. Franceză nr. 25-31 / since:1972 / dailt: 9-17, partial closed for restauration)

Profil: Muzee de sit Pot fi vizitate ruinele primei voievodale a domnilor Ţării Româneşti. De asemenea sunt expuse piese ceramice, unelte, teracote smălţuite, dale din piatră şi marmură, vase, conducte de apă

  • Muzeul de Artă Populară "Prof.Dr.Nicolae Minovici" (Str. Dr. N. Minovici nr. 1 / Since: 1915)

Profil: etnografie Program: închis pentru restaurare. Clădirea muzeului a fost construită în 1905 de arhitectul Cristofi Cerchez după indicaţiile prof. Minovici. Colecţia - rod al pasiunii prof.dr. Nicolae Minovici (1868-1941) - cuprinde obiecte de artă populară românească din toate zonele etnografice ale ţării: ţesături, obiecte de lemn, mobilier ţărănesc, ceramică, icoane, ouă încondeiate, instrumente muzicale tradiţionale, obiecte utilitare, recreând interioarele caselor ţărăneşti, precum şi un fond documentar legat de activitatea dr. Minovici.

  • Muzeul Memorial "C.I si C.C Nottara" (B-dul Dacia nr. 51 / Since: 1956 / daily: 9-17, monday closed)

Profil: istoria teatrului Organizat în clădirea în care au trăit marele actor C.I. Nottara şi fiul său, compozitorul C.C.Nottara având la bază donaţiile făcute de Ana C. Nottara. În apartamentul de la parterul imobilului este ilustrată prin documente şi obiecte viaţa şi activitatea lui C.I.Nottara ca actor, regizor, director de scenă, profesor.

  • Muzeul Memorial "Dr.Victor Babeş" (Str. Andrei Mureşanu nr. 14 / Since: 1955 / DAily: 10-16, monday closed)

Profil: Memoriale- Istoria ştiinţei Muzeul a luat fiinţă în anul 1954 pe baza donaţiei făcute de Mircea V. Babeş în frumoasa vilă din str. Andrei Mureşanu. Colecţia evocă personalitatea marelui savant Victor Babeş (1854-1926), ale cărui realizări l-au înscris în istoria universală a medicinii, cu merite speciale în domeniile bacteorologiei şi seroterapiei.

  • Muzeul Memorial "Gh.M. Tattarescu" (Str. Domniţa Anastasia nr. 17 / Since: 1953 / closed for restauration)

Profil: memoriale - istoria artei Muzeul este organizat în vechea casă bucureşteană în care a locuit artistul vreme de aproape 40 de ani, între 1855-1894. Colecţia cuprinde un bogat patrimoniu de pictură, grafică (compoziţii, portrete, desene), pictură murală în stil neo-pompeian, mobilier de epocă, obiecte personale precum şi un bogat fond documentar. La etaj a fost reamenajat atelierul artistului.

  • Muzeul "Theodor Aman" (Str. C. A. Rosetti nr. 8 / Since; 1908 / closed for resturation)

Profil: Memoriale- Istoria artei Clădirea în stil neoclasic, datează din 1869 şi a fost realizată de către arhitectul Fr. Scheller după planurile artistului. Colecţia cuprinde numeroase uleiuri, desene, acuarele, gravuri, sculptură aparţinând fondului original donat de Ana Aman ( în 1904), la care s-au adăugat lucrări provenite din achiziţii ulterioare. Alături de pânze reprezentative, muzeul posedă o amplă colecţie de gravuri în acuaforte, tehnică pe care Theodor Aman a exprimentat-o către sfârşitul vieţii, plăci originale, precum şi presa de imprimare.


  • Stavropoleos Monastery
  • New St. George Church (Sfântul Gheorghe Nou) / St. George Square (Piaţa Sfântul Gheorghe)

Historical Buildings

  • Creţulescu Palace - near the Cişmigiu Gardens ( Ştirbei Vodă street nr. 39).

It has been built for the Creţulescu family at the beginning of the 20th century, by Romanian architect Petre Antonescu (1873-1965). Since 1972, it houses the headquarters of UNESCO's European Centre for Higher Education UNESCO-CEPES (known as CEPES after its French name, Centre Europeén pour l'enseignement supérieur).

  • Sutu Palace


  • Cişmigiu Gardens & Lake Cişmigiu (small artificial lake)

Gardens were opened in 1847 and based on the plans of German architect Carl F.W. Meyer; more info: [1]

  • Herăstrău Park (north of the city, close to Village Museum).
  • Youth Park / Polivalenta Hall for concerts is very close.
  • Carol Park / you can find in the park Arenele Romane - also a space used for concerts.
  • Circus Park / situated near Globus National Circus
  • Obor Park (close to Obor Subway Station / you can find there the City Hall for 2nd district)
  • "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" Park (former I.O.R. Park, or Titan Park, close to Titan subway station)
  • Vlăsiei Forest
  • The seven hills, in the tradition of the seven hills of Rome. Bucharest's seven hills are: Mihai Vodă, Dealul Mitropoliei, Radu Vodă, Cotroceni, Spirei, Văcăreşti and Sf. Gheorghe Nou.
  • Lake Floreasca, Lake Tei and Lake Colentina
  • Botanical Garden - is the largest in Romania: over 10,000 species of plants.
  • Zoological Garden, near Baneasa Airport

Theaters & Cinemas



Summer Theater

Theater List

Cinemas List


Cinemateca (valuable and old movies)


Preset Routes

  • Arch of Triumph - Kisselleff Boulevard - Calea Victoriei Street - Cantacuzino Palace - Romanian Atheneum - Royal Palace - Military Circle - BNR Museum - CEC Palace - "Caru cu bere" Restaurant - Parliament Palace
  • Village Museum - Lupa Capitolina - National Theater - Sutu Palace - Coral Temple - Old Medieval Court - Patriarchate Palace
  • Cotroceni Palace - Medicine Univerisity - Romanian Opera - City Hall - "Mihai Viteazu" Statue - National Theater - Agriculture Ministry - Greek Temple - Fire Tower
  • Cotroceni Palace - Kretulescu Palace - Firemen Museum

Route: Hotel Hanul MANUC - Union Square - Metropolitan Hill Alley - Alley Patriarchate - June Str.11 - Str. G-ral Candiano Popescu - Route Serban Voda - Str. Bibescu-Prince - Union Square.

Memorial Houses

Schedule and adresses

Memorial Houses

More memorial houses

Places Near Bucharest

If you have a few hours at your disposal (or at most a day), the following list has the most appealing touristic destinations near Bucharest:

Free Wifi/internet spots

check here

Here is a tentative list for all Bucharest:

  • Orange Concept Store
  • Coffee Shop (ex - Nova Brasilia) - Piaţa Dorobanţi
  • ASE
  • Politehnică (Faculty of Computer Science, and Rectorate)
  • BRD Cafe - Piaţa Dorobanţi
  • BT Cafe - Piaţa Dorobanţi
  • KFC - Carrefour Orhideea
  • City Grill - almost all of them
    • Citygrill, Carrefour Orhideea
    • City Grill on Lipscani (Historical Area)
  • Restaurant Newton
  • Grand Cafe Galleon
  • Turabo Cafe - Piaţa Romană
  • City Cafe
  • Universitatea Româno - Americană (lounge)
  • Tonka - Piaţa Amzei
  • All4U - Piaţa Amzei
  • most of the McDonald’s restaurants
  • Unirii Blvd., restaurant Vladys
  • Club/Bar Underground, Strada Coltei (near Metro Universitate)
  • More
    • Public Hotspot str.Hatisului, Sect. 2, Bucuresti / operated by Cfree

Electricity Information

The local current is 220V AC and the connection is made by a two-pin plug in.

Travellers from USA / UK will require a voltage convertor & plug adaptor - not so hard to buy one from here.

National Holidays


Phone Prefixes

Useful Emergency Numbers

European emergency number: 112 / free.

The following list is bound to be useful only with Romtelecom as the other providers will charge extra.

  • Highway Police 0219544
  • Fixing elevators 0219231
  • TAROM 0219361
  • Civil Protection 1282

Telecom Providers

All the following mobile operators sell pre-pay cards.


Romanian currency is LEU (pl. LEI), fractional coin is BAN (pl. BANI); 1 LEU = 100 BANI.

Approximate official exchange rate (August 2008): 1 EURO = 3,5644 LEI. Of course, expect an exchange rate of around 3,4 LEI per Euro at exchange offices in town, or approx. 2.5-3 LEI per Euro in the airports.

(as of 1 July 2005, Romania's legal tender, previously coded as ROL, has been denominated so that ROL 10,000 are exchanged for 1 new Leu (RON))

Coins and notes in circulation

Information about current official exchange rates - National Bank of Romania

Currency Converter



Pharmacies for all city sectors

Medical emergencies

Emergency Hospitals List

Personal Security & Police

Police Stations per City Sectors

Anti-corruption free line: 0800.806.806

Traffic disfunctionalities: 0219544 or email: bpr@b.politiaromana.ro

Complaints or denunciations

Useful phone numbers

112 Emergency Number

Pickpocketing Prevention

Robbery Prevention

Thefts from dwelling prevention

Real estate swindle



These above will help you in your traveling through our country and will create a better connection with people will come in your way!

  • Do not use private taxis, prices are higher and they can cheat very bad! The averange price for a taxi should be 1.39 RON/km
  • Exchange rates are very bad in touristic areas and airports! Pay attention not to pay a huge commission from the amount!
  • Inside train stations / buses stations or airports prices for food / drinks are higher than usual! Better buy from markets close to those areas!
  • For translating information of web pages from Romanian to English, German, French, you can use automatic translation; for Romanian -> English use Google Translate

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