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This is an outlandish suggestion probably but let's see how we can make it practical.

In Victoria there's this CS'er called Aaron Schultz. He has a reputation for organizing big number pub crawls attracting a hundred CS'ers and forcing venues to open half an hour earlier then normal. He makes up a google map with a list of off the beat pubs and bars and people move between them. Not everything goes to plan but what ever does?

Let's see if we can beat them - not perhaps by sheer numbers and maybe not even by per capita numbers but by having a greater idea then them. It's all in good fun.

We'd need enough cars/buses to move people 1 hour per location between the 3 locations.

It's fun to people watch when out at the state library of qld surfing the net from the free wifi don't you think?

If we make it a Christmas type event it will have to be done soon Changed to after New Year's

It’s important to express interest early and this provides maximum bargaining power with the bar provider's. If they know that they’re certain to get a certain amount of income at a future date then they will be more willing to discount or provide additional services. It’s also my preferred way of interacting – relaxed win win propositions. Yes we can as a group wait till last minute and demand a cheaper price but that’s not likely to mean a good will long term relationship with the provider.

A number of other clubs I'm involved with have gotten half price drinks. To merge it with the Couchsurfing ethos perhaps we could ask for custom world music from around the world? Or even allow us as an online group to have photos of various exotic locations there.

Perhaps get projector's in? Laptops with USB sticks?


Tue 22nd - Alibi Room event conflicts (or merge with it?) time is from 6 to 8pm that CS'ers will be here VOTE: Brisdaz

Wed 23rd - VOTE: BrisDaz

Thu 24th - Possibly out as conflicts with XMAS eve dinner -- Cassie's's suggestion.

Fri 25th - OUT Christmas, Steve M's Xmas party

Sat 26th - Boxing Day (is any bars open?)

Sun 27th -

Mon 28th -

Tue 29th -

Wed 30th -

Thu 31st -

Fri 1st -

Sat 2nd - VOTE: Steve M (maybe), Brisdaz

Sun 3rd - VOTE: Cassie S, Steve M (maybe), Brisdaz, Michelle (Maybe)





  • Cars
    • Problems with possibly vomiting - limit drinks in the early part of the night until later. Scout's honor?
    • 1 car available - seats 4 - BrisDaz
    • I would be willing to hire a car if someone shares. I'm new in town and staying in a backpacker? Anyone else? - Michelle
  • Hire Buses
    • Bit of a hassle as we need pre-confirmation from people and they tend to pull out. Any ideas on how to enforce. At a dance school there is even ratio's at the start but girls tend to flake out while boys are more reliable. Even though thye have paid it people still don't come. The solution by the dance provider was to do group SMS of other people later. A CRM application might be needed as well to get regular people involved. This would also be helpful for references.
  • Public Trains
  • Taxis
    • Maxi taxi's are available but cost extra I think if you prebook em - same price as normal one's if you grab off the rank. Help?


Guides to organizing pub crawls online.

  2. - "The site is geared towards Iowa, but the tips work for a crawl in any city." - quote from My Bar Crawl

Possible pubs to visit


<googlemap version="0.9" lat="-27.465937" lon="153.029423" type="map" zoom="13" width="400" height="300"> 42.664316, -73.290356 </googlemap>

  • Bar Soma, Valley - (07) 3252 9550‎
    • It looks cool, Anything that quotes Aldous Huxley must be cool - Soma.
  • Lychee Lounge, West End
  • X and Y, Valley
  • Laroush, Valley
  • The Step Inn, Valley
  • Mana Bar, Valley - Australia's first video game bar! Beat that sydney and melbourne!


Gold Coast

  • Don't know of any pubs, suggestions Gold coast people?


  • Bedroom
    • It's not too bad though. I went there recently. it has bedroom beds like places I've been to in Europe. -- 11:51, 25 December 2009 (UTC)
  • Cocktails & Dreams,
  • Shooters

As told to me by a moderator of one of the region's CS forums.

Sunshine Coast

  • Don't know of any pubs, suggestions, Sunshine Coast people? - Michelle
    • Not sure but i'd really like to go here. Can any sunshine coast people help?
    • Me too I'm keen.