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Annecy's old town from the Thiou

"Venice of Alps"
Country: France
Region: Europe
More Information:
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Annecy is a city in France- région Rhônes-Alpes- département Haute-Savoie.
Close to Geneva, Lyon and Grenoble, the town is located between its lake and mountains.
Annecy has a preserved medieval old town often known as the Venice of Alps. It's a quiet and peacefull city with 52000 inhabitants during most of the year (140 000 inhabitants in the metropolitan area). However, in summer and winter, population is growing a lot because of the tourism.

Annecy's interactive map for couchsurfers (Open it in a new window)

History of Annecy

More informations about the History of Annecy on the wikipedia:Annecy !

How to come

  • Hitch Hiking

Hitch Hiking is pretty easy on every main ways. Just don't forget that the weather could be bad during the autumn and winter.

  • By car

Road Network is quite important in the region. You can use the Motorway A41 but it's quite ewpensive. Check it on

  • By plane

There is a little airport in Annecy (Meythet). The only available route is Annecy/Paris-Orly with Air France.
Geneva's airoport is the closest international airport (40 km)

  • By bus

Sibra is the city bus company
Voyages Frossard and Voyages Crolard have routes from/to Geneva and main cities around Annecy

  • By train

Annecy's station could be the easiest way to come (especially from Lyon, Grenoble and Geneva). You can book on

  • By monkey

Never seen it yet. But why not ???

Best places to have a drink or a meal

Of course it is very subjective. But here are places we like... and why

  • Pubs
    • Le Comptoir de la Folie Ordinaire is a small pub with casual atmosphere, art exhibitions and sometimes free concerts. It opens everyday from 6pm to 2:30am

    • Le Munich is one of the biggest pub in Annecy.

  • Restaurants
  • Fast foods
    • Quick is the only burger restaurant in the city center

    • There are a lot of kebabs restaurants in town. Best are Ali Baba and Istambul Doner Kebab

    • You can buy sandwiches in most of bakeries and many sandwich shops are open during the summer in the old town

Entertainment, sports and activities

  • Cinemas
  • Concerts
  • Ski resorts
  • Mountain biking
  • Kite surfing and kite skiing (Check out the Semnoz ski resort website)

Cultural places to go

  • Theatres
  • Libraries

More informations about the places to visit in Annecy on the wikivoyage:Annecy !

place ot the cathedral



Annecy's Castle

There are about 30 active couchsurfers in the City.

Here is a list couchsurfers who are and/or want to get involved.

In Case of Emergency

  • Police Station: 04 50 52 32 00
  • Gendarmerie (another kind of police, better): 04 50 09 47 47
  • Hospital: 04 50 63 63 63
  • Fireman Station: 18 or 112
  • Emergency Doctor: 0 800 21 17 76
  • Youth hostel 1 (nearby the city center): 04 50 45 34 81
  • Youth hostel 2 (in the mountain over the old town): 04 50 45 33 19

Media Mentions

Liens externes

Annecy on Wikipedia
Annecy's city official website
Website of Annecy's lake tourism office
Official website of International Animation Film Festival
Weather forecast