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Country: France
Region: Pays-de-la-Loire
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Angers is a city in France, on the Maine river, an affluent of the Loire. The city has 150 000 inhabitants and offers a very mild and quiet setting to its visitors. Things to see in Angers include the medieval castle, some museums (Musée des beaux-arts, Galérie David d'Angers, Jean Lurçat,...), the enjoyable pedestrian "centre ville", and the surroundings (beautiful landscapes, vineyards, etc.). The Angers CS group enconters 260 members of which the majority are very active. You will most likely have no trouble having your questions answered. For travelers who are tired of making the same old trip (Paris-Provence), Angers is a good place to stop on the way to the Atlantic coast.

History of Angers

More informations about the History of Angers on the wikipedia:Angers !

What to visit ?

More informations about the places to visit in Angers on the wikivoyage:Angers !


For the moment, no regular meeting is organized in Angers. The CS group is used to meeting randomly, so you have to check the group page to learn about the forthcoming meetings. A sub-group named "agenda culturel" also provides information about cultural events programmed in the city and the nearby area. Once a member of the Angers group posts a message in this agenda, you will probably be able to meet him / her at the point of interest.

Mailing List


When making a CS search about Angers don't forget to ask for a search within 15 or 20 miles around the city because a lot of CS are located in several villages around Angers (but often well connected to the city)


City ambassador : el_baz

Hélène : Alexel

Pauline : *pOp*

Alex : *Alex*

Meeting Organisers

Coffee or a drink

Romain *Kormin*

In Case of Emergency

  • Police Station:***

call 17

  • Health Urgency: ***

Samu - Centre 15

en appelant du Maine et Loire / when calling from inside the county maine et Loire

tél. 15

à partir d'un autre département/ from any other county

tel./dial 02 41 42 26 78

pour les urgences non immédiatement vitales (week-end et nuit)/ For non life-threatening emergencies (week end and night)

tel./dial 02 41 33 16 33

centre anti-poison régional/regional anti poisoning centre

tel./dial 02 41 48 21 21

  • Hospital: ***

A link to the university hospital website :

  • Fireman Station: ***

call 18

  • Emergency Doctor: ***

Pour connaître le médecin de garde quand vous en avez besoin, appelez le centre départemental de référence à ce numéro : 02 41 33 16 33 To ask for the name of the Emergency doctor on duty when you need one, call the county center of reference at this number : 02 41 33 16 33

  • Other Emergency ***

Pour n'importe quelle autre urgence, visitez cette page :

For any other emergency, check this webpage :

Local Media Mentions

Ouest France
File:Ouest Francee2.JPG
Ouest France, August 25th 2008, Local Newspaper
File:Article CS - Le Courrier de l'Ouest - 17 Aout 2010 Angers.png
Le Courrier de l'Ouest, local newspaper, August 17th 2010