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Instead of starting a completely empty Trustroots Wiki we took over Couchwiki. This gives us quite a lot of good stuff to start with and it also avoids all the useful things of Couchwiki to become forgotten and lost.

Couchwiki was launched in 2009 but its history goes back before that.

See also this post on meta.



  • fix wikimedia commons images
  • inform more people
  • post on fb group and page
  • blog post at
  • improve articles, change mentions and links to "couchsurfing" into trustroots (and bewelcome, warmshowers)
  • move over here
  • what else?


  • mostly done: replace the word Couchwiki to Trustroots Wiki all over the wiki
  • footer link from
  • edit
  • merge this page with former tasklist



Who's helping?

old task list

Just some things to do here, if you have a moment and don't know what to do. If you finished a task, just remove the entry here. But feel free to do anything else, contributions are appreciated.