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[[]] is an independent wiki with information for people who are actively exchanging hospitality.
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(How we want to keep Couchwiki)
(What is CouchWiki?)
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== '''What is CouchWiki?''' ==
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WikiCouch is a travel community guide for Hospitality networks like [ CouchSurfing], [ Hospitality Club], [ BeWelcome], [ BeLodged], [ Global Freeloaders], [ Servas] etc.
A travel community guide is something like [ WikiTravel] but more personal. It helps you experience travel with the senses of a local.
== '''Why use Couchwiki?''' ==
== '''Why use Couchwiki?''' ==

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Why use Couchwiki?

Simple. Because WikiCouch is open to anyone and everyone. It is in keeping with the philosophy of inclusion and openness. We believe in decentralized control, in self-moderation, and that everyone who has something valuable to contribute may do so with ease.

What are the Guidelines

  • We want to keep Couchwiki spam free, friendly and open for anyone to edit.
  • Instead of creating rules, try to set examples and show people how to follow them.
  • Anyone who shows good contributions here or at related wikis can become a sysop.

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