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The origins of Verona are bound to the ancient civilization from Veneto and to the Gaulish and Rhaetian civilizations, but its foundation dates back to 49 B.C., during the Roman domination, that went on until the first century A.D.

In the fourth century Christianity established itself thanks to St Zeno, bishop of the town. After the Roman domination Verona faced a period of great splendour during the reign of Theodoric (489-526), that preceded the Longobard dominion of King Alboino. Moreover, Verona is famous as the birthplace of important figures, as Valerius Catullus and Vitruvio and it is also the town of Charlemagne and of his son Pipino.

In 1136 the town became a Comune and took part in the fights between communes and empire. Otherwise, during the Middle Ages, Verona went under the rule of the Della Scala Family, who were imperial vicars and later gave hospitality to Dante in his “first exile”.

During the Venetian domination, Verona cultivated the intellectual and cultural aspects and became a fixed destination for thinkers and artists as Goethe, Heine, Stendhal and Valery, in a period of peace that lasted until 1797.

Finally, in October 1866, the population of Verona chose to join the Kingdom of Italy and followed the events of their own country.

CouchSurfing in Verona

The CS community has grown up considerably from the end of 2008, even if it has been existing since 2006. Now (November 2009) there are about 244 Couchsurfers in Verona and the community is pretty active, with many members happy to host and organize meetings.



There is a luggage deposit the main railway station: just near the taxi entrance, open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Prices per piece of luggage is 4 € for the first 5 hours then from 6th to 12th hour 0,60 € per hour and then 0,20 € for 13th onward.


The Verona group is pretty active and often organizes gatherings and events where guests are welcome. It can be a dinner, a welcome-back/farewell party, an informal meeting in a pub, a hiking in the mountains, a reading group... there's a lot of choice, and everyone can propose something, just writing in the Verona Group.

To see some pictures of our meetings: Verona meetings

Emergency couch

SOS groups

If you have only a short time and still don't have a host you can post a message in the Verona SOS group or in the Veneto SOS group (read carefully the group guidelines). These groups are for emergency cases only, do not use them if you have time to do a proper Couch Search, perhaps searching in a bigger area.

Youth hostel

Just in case you want to extend your stay in Verona and there is no host available:

  • Youth Hostel "Villa Francescatti" - Salita Fontana del Ferro 15, tel +39 045 590360 - one bed in a dorm. 17 €
  • Hostel Gorgusello - 37022 Fumane, 20Km from the city - Nice place in the Valpolicella, area north of Verona


 There is only one camping site in the city, Camping Castel San Pietro, which is pretty cheap (possibility to rent a tent), close to the centre with a beautiful view. Via Castel San Pietro, 2 37129 - Verona Tel: +39 045592037 Opened from May 2nd till September 30th.

Getting to Verona

By plane

There are 2 airports near the city: the Catullo Airport, close to the city and the Brescia Airport.

From Catullo Airport there is a bus service to the Verona train station every 20 minutes. Precisely from the airport starting at 6:30 and then at 10, 30, and 55 minutes past the hour each hour till 23:35, cost: 4,50 €. As this timetable can change, it is reccomended to check the official site (Verona aerobus).

From Brescia Airport there is also a bus service to the Verona train station but only 3 days a week (Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, right after or before the flight, 11 €, Brescia aerobus). Otherwise it's possible to go by bus in Brescia and take a train to Verona (Italian railway website).

By train

ATTENTION: Trains in Italy are rather cheap expecially if you use the regionali (R) and they get to destination only a little later than Intercity (IC) or Eurostar (ES) trains.

Verona Porta Nuova station:
1. Main entrance
2. Secondary entrance, taxi stands
3. Airport shuttle service

Verona can be reached in 1h:30 from Milano with a fast and expensive train, or in 2 hours with a cheaper train. From Venezia it takes from 1h:10 to 2h:10, depending on the type of train. Moreover, from Trento (north) it takes 1h - 1h:20 and from Modena (south) 1h:20 - 2h.

In Verona there are two railway stations: the main one is Porta Nuova and the second is Porta Vescovo, a small station which can be useful for people being hosted in eastern part of the city and travelling to/from Venice. Remember to validate your tickets or you might get fined.

Check the railway website for the schedules.

By car

Verona is well connected with the main highways of northern Italy, it's right close to the A4 - A22 junction. A4 is the highway which goes from Torino, through Milano, Brescia, Verona, Padova ending in Venezia; A22 goes from Modena to Bolzano and continues in Austria. There are 3 toll booths around the city: Verona Nord (in the A22 branch), Verona Sud and Verona Est (A4).


Hitchhiking is your own choice if done as lifestyle but if you do it for saving money remember that trains are cheap.

Going around Verona

By car

(TODO: SULLE COLLINE/MONTAGNE/PAESI VICINI) garda lake, bardolino, malcesine (funivia)

By bus

The local bus service (website) covers the urban area as well the surrounding area (as far as ~30Km). For exurban area there's only one type of ticket, but for urban buses there is the hourly ticket (1€), 10 tickets carnet (9€), daily ticket (3,50€) and family ticket (4€); check this page for detailed informations about tickets and season ticket (only in italian). (NUMERI DI BUS PRINCIPALI)

By bicycle

There is a free service of bike hire; just go to Porta Nuova railway station in the tourist office and hand over a valid document ID. Timetable is 09:00-18:00 winter, 09:00-19:00 summer, 09:00-15:00 on Sundays More informations here (italian only)

Visiting Verona



On the first sunday of the month most of the monuments are for free or subjected to big discount.

Eating out

It is forbidden to sit down on the steps and eating or drinking; just walk through the main Porta Brà and sit in the nearby garden 100 meters on the right.

Piazza Brà offers several solutions:

PAM Via dei Mutilati, 3 (opened Mon-Sat 8-21, Sun and holidays 9-20) one of the cheapest supermarket, just behind the main gate in Corso Porta Nuova, first turning on the right.

BREAK Piazza Bra, 20 (opened 11:30-15:00, 18:30-22:00) Self-Service with good ratio food/price (pasta is been cooked in front of you at reasonable prices: 5/7 €).

McDonald's Just behind the main gate in Corso Porta Nuova on the right.

IN'S Via XX Settembre, 81 (opened 8:30-12:45, 15:45-19:45, Sat 8:30-19:45, closed on Wed) If you really want to save money and are on a strict budget this supermarket can be a good choice: at the end of Viale XX Settembre (15 minutes walk from Piazza Brà), moreover this shop is to be taken into consideration if you want to carry some italian food home spending reasonable prices.

University Refectory Viale dell'Università, 4 Even if you aren't a student. You can have: A standard meal with: first course, main course, bread, fruit and a drink. 7 € A reduced meal with: only first or second course or a sandwich and a drink. 5 € Pizza service in the evening. Opening time: Lunch mon. - sun. 11:30 - 14:45 Dinner mon. - sun. 19:00 - 21:30 Bar mon. - sun. 8:00 - 21:30


  • Pizzeria Doge Pizza al metro - Via Roma, 21
  • Pizzeria da Salvatore - Piazza San Tommaso, 6
  • Pizzeria Bella Napoli - Via G. Marconi, 16 - Opened until 24
  • Pizzeria San Mattia - Viale dei Colli, 43
  • Pizza al Tocco (Organic pizzeria) - Via Abba Giuseppe Cesare, 13 (near Via IV Novembre) - opened from 11am-2pm and 6pm-10pm, closed on sunday lunchtime

Bar & Pub

  • Cappa Café - Piazzetta Brà Molinari, 1 - Cute furnishing with couches and warm atmosphere; terrace on the back with great view of the Roman Theatre and Ponte Pietra.
  • Caffè Tubino - Corso Portoni Borsari, 15/d (close to Piazza Erbe) - The best coffee in town; it's a little coffee-shop with a special atmosphere.
  • Osteria A La Carega - Via Cadrega, 8

mon-sat 11:00-02:00, sun 11:00-24:00

  • Aquila Nera Café - Galleria Pellicciai, 2 - Good lunch buffet from monday to friday, drinks not included
  • Caffè Rialto - Via Armando Diaz, 2 - Nice bar, close to Portoni Borsari.
  • Creperia "L'ora di mezzo" - Corso Cavour, 14/a

wed-mon 16:30-01:00

  • Pub Time Out - Via Campofiore, 1 - Good sandwiches and piadine
  • Bio Bar "La scarpetta di Venere" - Stradone San Fermo, 4
  • Piadineria - Via S.Paolo, 5/a
  • Piadineria BacchaBundus - Via Campofiore, 1/a

mon-fri 11:00-01:00, sat 12:00-15:00 and 18:30-02:00


  • Carolina Antichi Sapori - Via Pellicciai, 20 - Good choice of boiled meat and roasts, with typical pearà. Also takeaway and meat sandwiches.
  • Brek self service - Piazza Brà, 20 - Cheap self service restaurant, close to the Arena.
  • Ristorante La Quercia - Via Tonale, 5b - Pretty 60's style restaurant, complete menu for 16€
  • Trattoria Dalla Ida - Lungadige Attiraglio, 1
  • Osteria Duomo - Via Duomo, 7/a - Nice typical tavern
  • Oktoberfest Stube - Stradone S. Maffei, 8/c - Lunch meal (salad, starter, water or beer, coffe) for 7€ (6,50€ for students). Bavarian specialities.

mon-fri 12:30-14:30, 20:00-01:30 sat-sun 20:00-01:30

  • San Matteo Church - Vicolo del Guasto, 4 - Restaurant and pizzeria with wide choice. Under the floor (from a window on a side of the church) is possible to see ancient statues.
  • Agriturismo San Dionigi - Lungadige Attiraglio, 57 - Very good meals for 20€. Opened friday and saturday evening, sunday at noon.
  • Trattoria All'Isolo - Piazza Isolo, 5 - One of the best place to eat pearà in the city.
  • Trattoria Da Ropeton - Via Fontana del Ferro, 1
  • Trattoria Alla Colonna - Pescheria Vecchia, 4

mon-sat 12:00-14:30, 19:00-23:30

  • Food and City - Via Oberdan, 6

all days 08:00-22:00

  • Japanese restaurant Ikai - Corso Porta Nuova, 22/A


  • Gelateria Ponte Pietra - Via Ponte Pietra, 23/a - One of the best ice cream shop in the city
  • Gelateria Pampanin - Via Garibaldi, 24


There are a lot of kebab shops in Via XX Settembre and the surrounding area

  • Kebab - Via Leoncino, 53 - Near the Arena

Picnic spots

(TODO:) See this link.


Free WiFi

In Piazza Bra, Piazza Erbe and in the Civic Library there is a free WiFi service, usable with any device with a wireless card. To use the service you must be at least 18 years old with a valid ID; go in one of the following places to retrive the card with username and password, required to connect to the wireless net.

  • Ufficio Relazioni con il pubblico - via Adigetto, 10 - opened mon-fri, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. , tuesday and thursday also from 3 pm to 5 pm
  • Civic Library (Biblioteca Pubblica) - via Cappello, 43 - opened monday from 2 pm until 7 pm, tue-fri from 9am until 7pm and saturday from 9am to 2pm.

With the Verona Wi-Fi™ card it's possible to connect to internet also from other cities, like Parma, Reggio Emilia, Piacenza, Milano.

Cheap Internet points

  • Vicolo Volto San Luca, 18/a - Price: 1€/h - From 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. closed on Fridays
  • Via XX Settembre, 32b - Price: 1€/h - From 9.30 a.m. to 9.30 p.m. closed on Wednesays
  • Piazza Cittadella - Price: 1€/h
  • Via Arduino 2/b - Price: 1€/h

Internet points in the city centre (Via Roma, Via Mazzini) are very expensive.

In case of emergency

  • General emergency: 113 (national)
  • Police: 112 (national) - (+39) 045 8090411 (Questura di Verona, Lungadige Antonio Galtarossa, 11)
  • Medical emergency: 118 (national)
  • Hospital: (+39) 045 8071111 (P.le L. A. Scuro, 10, Verona)
  • Duty doctor: (+39) 045 8075627 (city centre area)
  • Fire brigade: 115 (national)

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