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Recently a study was conducted on 24 patients Nucentix Blood Sugar GS-85 and the result was positive. But more clinical research needed to introduce it fully for treatment. The magnet treatment is based on providing correct magnet used for the purpose and treatment is restricted to some specific types of pain.

Some medical experts refer it as real breakthrough in treatment for diabetic pain of foot, but stress was indeed given on more research. For centuries magnets are being used to treat various ailments, like broken legs in horses, removing dandruff through magnetic comb to more recent treatments in reducing wrist pain of people having carpal syndrome.

Dr. Carlos Vallbona from Baylor College of Medicine Houston once treated his knee with low intensity magnet and the associated pain in foot was removed in few minutes. After that he conducted the test on patients with post polio syndrome pain. Two groups were made, one applied with sham magnets and other small magnets. The patients with real magnets reported at least 50 percent reduction in pain whereas other group reported only 10 percent.