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Menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner Nucentix Blood Sugar GS-85 have to complete daily nutrition value. For example, breakfast with whole grain bread, eggs, and orange juice. It is recommended to remove egg yolk. For lunch and dinner, vegetables in salad should be plenty. Choose only one kind of meat for protein source (chicken, beef, or fish) and add vegetarian protein source such as tempeh or tofu.

As for meat, choose carefully, you should choose meat with minimum fat like chicken breast fillet and headless fish. Vegetarian protein source is recommended because it has a certain enzyme to reduce blood sugar level in our blood. There are two main types of diabetes. Both types have some symptoms in common. The information about early diabetic symptoms is extremely important as it gives an extra edge in controlling and then maintaining the required levels of blood sugar.

Following are the earliest warning signs of diabetes. Excessive Urination: This is the classic sign of diabetes. The diabetic kidneys become loaded with too much of glucose. The underlying reason is the malfunctioning cell, which are not efficiently using the provided glucose. The excessive blood glucose is then flushed from the body system. This flushing is carried out by drawing fluids from the body. This extraction of fluids leads to another warning sign of diabetes.