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Getting here

By train

  • Santa Justa Train Starion

By Plane

  • Sevilla Airport
  • Faro Airport
  • Jerez Airport
  • Malaga Airport

Things to visit in Sevilla

MANDATORY -> Metropol Parasol

Especially different to any other thing you have seen Locals name it as "Las Setas" (The mushrooms) the largest wooden structure in the world

You have to go down to the level -1 to be able tom take the lift to go up to the view point

MANDATORY -> Plaza de España

Just Amazing place. you have never seen something like that place. ceramics, pottery, azulejos.. full of simbols and history, build up in 1929

It was the palace of planet Naboo @ StarWars

It´s allso the palace ant the movie The dictator, or Rommer Headquarters ant the film Lawrence the Arabia


Unesco World Heritage


Cathedral & Giralda

Archivo de Indias

And you should wallk arround Triana & arrond Santa Cruz district..

Flamenco places

Flamenco Museum

Flamenco show at the flamenco museum is a good option, not one of those designed to take the tourists money.... :-) going there is a good choice...

Lo Nuestro

@ Triana the place "lo nuestro" @ Calle Betis 31, around midnight. They have 2 groups singing Sevillanas & Rumbas, and locals go there to dance., they have not a "proper" show where you go ther to see people dance, you go ther to dance yourself.

Here they donch charge to get in, but drinks are more expendsive than in a place with no live music

El Tronio

Triana @ Calle Pureza 3 Once you ahve ebbn dancing for a While in Lo nuestro, you can move to El, Tronio,

Is free to get inside, but beers or other drinks are more expensive that if you go to a bar with no live music.

La Anselma

La Madrugá