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Trustroots Safety Team Meeting

Date: 2020-08-07 15:00 UTC / 17:00 CEST Facilitator: Philipp Participants: Dario, Loberto, Philipp, Paula


  • feedback on new members Paula and Loberto
  • #feedback channel
  • tech issues
  • violation issues
  • general inquiry
  • feedback unless there is already documentation
  • We kinda need it for VA documentation
  • Also, about issues posted on other sites like FB and Reddit how do we go about it? (didn’t really stick to agenda)

Meeting minutes

  • Loberto: how quickly should we react? How much should I ask others if there immediate action is needed? Dario: better to be overprotective and react quickly. If we do a mistake we can alsways discuss later and undo.
  • Loberto: harrassment? Dario: if only one report, we try to get a view of both sides, asking other person’s point of view and/or look into messages if we get permission. Before banning. Sometimes we don’t reach out: difficult topics, e.g. sexual abuse. Usually we discuss them. Normally it’s not super urgent (i.e. we have a few days to react) and so we can discuss.
  • Loberto asks for Volunteers Advocates: sometimes volunteers need more guidance then: these are the tools, go have fun. Dario: maybe due to CS disaster volunteer influx. Loberto: Trustroots philosophy: go ahead and try things may not be the best strategy for everyone (personal opinion). Just as a small intro: VA will have questions to support in order to make good volunteering introduction :)
  • Paula: we need more documentation on how to handle specific cases. Not only in zendesk. Maybe tag issues. Dario: could spend some time on it based on my experience. If the others have big questions, please collect them in a document. Paula: could document in safety repository on github.
  • Paula prepared some loom videos with screenrecording tutorials on how to find a host etc – awesome! :D
  • idea: adress in the newsletter new rules or remind people? about rules
  • Paula: how can areas work together better? -> interfaces? interaction between different areas? -> Volunteer advocates figure out the general path of action and in #support we try to solve specific interaction stuff.
  • Loberto: VA is getting overloaded.
  • Loberto: #support should document more, also on how we interact with others. Formalize information flows.
  • Philipp: not overformalize, not make everything into stone.
  • Paula: but everyone needs to have the information they need. Loberto: what info we should provide, what info not to provide (internally)

Action items:

  • update the rules: Trustroots is not commercial, don’t ask for money. discuss in #general and suggest phrasing for next support meeting (Philipp)
  • prepare blog post about or newsletter or both about: support team, how we work, new rules -> need to ask #communication when we can place it. Idea about newsletter: “community behind trustroots” -> Paula and Loberto will propose that to #communication
  • ask Dario and Noah: what should we do with the super old tickets from stone age? (->references guy)
  • ask #tech what’s the state on references
  • Loberto asks Matt on how zendesk-replies to facebook (private) messages look like
  • …and invites Matt to next #support call so we can talk about how we interact best
  • check how much time everyone has before a meeting. together set a time limit for the call.