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Trustroots Safety Team Meeting

Date: 2020-24-06 19:00 UTC+2 / CEST Facilitator: Philipp Participants: Ludo, Paula, Loberto, Philipp


  • check-ins (15’) (if Dario joins the call in the beginning, we can make these rather short to move on to the next point)
  • introduction of support to Paula and Loberto, when & how do we get them on the team? (15’)
  • discussion about nudism? transparency in profiles and ways to communicate clearly? -> Noah wants to create a blog post. (move to next call)
  • Status report on open zendesk issues
  • Open action items
    • value prio list
    • stance on discrimination (Philipp)
  • we need to change meet location ( closing down)

Notes by Ludo – thank you! :)

questions and answers: 1-what do you do in support? Philipp-> we discuss. Ludo-> in a practical way: we anwer messages/requests that arrive directly to our e-mail inbox through the Zendesk website. Zendesk allows us to manage the tickets (prioritize, assign, comment internally and so on) Recently, since the number of the team increased, we talked about setting a common ground of values/guidelines

2-NDA Everyone who has access to personal data needs to sign an NDA. Send signed NDA to Mikael :) Philipp checks with Mikael to get more seats on Zendesk

3-is there anything written about those guidelines already? We have something “secret repository” on Github: Martin-> it would be good to prioritize the guidelines. Very useful for new volunteers.

Loberto suggested a slow on-boarding : getting all the accesses to Zendesk and Github and observe how it works and how the “agents” answer

types of messages we may receive to the support: -technical issues/bugs -members reporting others -answers to the “welcome sequence” -answers to the newsletter call for sharing stories …

Noah and Dario could continue to leave internal notes on Zendesk, as they were doing to help Philipp and Ludo to gain confidence

sunday 19:00 UTC+2 guided tour on zendesk / trustroots admin?

Next Date: 2020-07-01 19:00 UTC+2 Next Facilitator: Philipp