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Minutes 4rd Dutch Ambassasors meetup

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Minutes of 4th meetup of the CS_Organisation_Netherlands, Oss January 10th 2009

Present: Liza (Country amb), Maikel (Oss), Willem (Rotterdam), Giuseppe (Groningen), Jasper (Utrecht, not.), Timz (nomadic, Utrecht), Sanne (Utrecht), Klaas (Haarlem), Tim (Utrecht), Henri (country amb).

absent with notice: Rose, Marten, Jeroen, Menno, Esly, Tommy, Gerard, Paul, Aldo, Rossi

1. Minutes last meeting:

decisions taken: – click able map: not possible – communication manual: better as a flagged post, it changes quite often

2. Google calender

We will not promote the google calendar, it is better to centralize information, it is better to focus information in the events page. Liza will post to the brainstorming group that you can be alarmed if there is already a meeting your region if you make a meeting for a certain day.

3. Working groups

There doesn't seem to be a need for it yet. If there is a subject that needs a workgroup we can start one for it.

4. Editing groups

No action is taken so far. Giuseppe has the tools to edit groups. Giuseppe can start according to the decisions taken on the previous meeting. Any 'tricky' cases can be discussed among the taskforce about this topic (Giuseppe, Ramon, Liza, Tommy, Jasper).

5. Nomadic ambassadors

The country ambassadors sent out an email to the Dutch nomadic ambassadors what their plans were. This could have been more carefull. Rose still have to report the answers. A lot of nomadic ambassadors in the Netherlands seem to be having a quite steady base in the Netherlands, and could as well be city ambassadors. We try to get into contact with nomadic ambassadors (like city ambassadors), we should do this as decentralized as possible.

6. Posting in each other groups.

Best is posting just in the city and country group. In other city groups maybe there can be postings about traveling there (so there is a direct link). Meetings set up to be very big are of course a exception, there's no problem of posting them in other groups. About other cases you can always contact moderators of a group. If you see people signed in on meetings who have to travel there (ig on big events), it can be smars to post to people to suggest to travel there. For repeating of messages, please add new information.

7. Money

Investigation about what a legal entity requires can be very welcome, but there is a big fear that creating a legal entity can create much more fuzz than we want to and it doesn't seem strictly necessary. Liza will post about this in an ambassador group.

8. Wiki

Please add info about yourself on the wiki, if you don't know how to use the wiki, ask Jasper.

9. Welcome kit

Giuseppe made some corrections, Liza and Henri will check them out. Safety issues will be delt with by contact us, not by the country ambassadors.

10. Queensday

Best way would be to focus on several smaller meetings (the box of chocolate strategy) but connect them all by making them all start with the word 'Queensday-week'. The rest is up to the organizers of the several events.

11. New members

be carefull of facebook.

12. Rondvraag

We would love to hear more about what country ambassadors are doing, Rose is very absent in the ambassadors group. There is just a small group of people active. Meeting in person has an extra value. We try to keep the meetings as open as possible for new people, also inviting active people without a flag.

  • next meeting: in the beginning of April in a more informal setting

13. Meeting Annet

action list:

everybody: (if needed) add you info in the ambassadors wiki page

Liza: post in the brainstormgroup about double meetings

Rose: report the answers to the messages to nomadic ambassadors. everybody: get into contact with nomadic ambassadors in your region (if you don't know them yet), if an ambassador appears to be inactive, get into contact about it with a country ambassador.

Liza and Henri: update the welcome kit.

Liza: post about money in ambassador groups.

All country ambassadors: inform on progresses made.