Meeting Minutes/2020-08-17 Regular Meeting

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Trustroots Meeting

  • Date: 2020-08-17 16:00 UTC
  • Facilitator: Martin
  • Present: Martin, Shawn, Chagai, Nikki, Hlib, Loberto


  • Hellos and checking in.
  • Noah asks to move the meeting to another day/time bc. he has choir rehearsal every monday at 5pm UTC and needs to leave home at ~6:15
    • Martin will set up a Doodle to check time
  • Paula has said she will take the lead on populating/collecting info for page
    • Martin will ping Paula for update and clarification on such task.
  • Chagai, Martin, Shawn agree that it may be good to show short biographies for the team on the page to present a robust team working on Trustroots currently as part of the public relations.
  • Hlib suggests an internal volunteer page for fellow volunteers to get to know each other
    • Loberto has referred Hlib to #ahoyparty Codi for this. It exists but needs to be worked on further. Further development of
    • /teams might be good
  • Trustroots Donation page: It needs to be updated seeing as we don't currently accept donations
    • Nikki will explore rearranging and condensing the information on the page.
    • Should the donation page be renamed possibly?
  • Styleguide for Trustroots: Is there one (Nikki K)
    • Will ping Mikael about it and to explore possibly creating one.
  • Idea: If we do accept donations, they could go to funding a Trustroots hackathon somewhere and support travel expenses for those coming.
  • There is momentum in working on the reference based system (Now known as "Experiences") on the slack. For those interested to participate in the conversation and development, look at the #experiencedesign channel. Shawn is working on a blogpost to explain and announce the rollout.
  • One idea to promote good reference usage is to have a proper campaign educating people:
    • Start with a good blog post about it, shared on all social media
    • Mention it in our next newsletter
    • Write in the FAQ “References good practices”
    • Write a wiki article about references, why giving a negative reference is not a bad thing
    • Additional topics/questions
  • Anarchist Circle: Someone contacted support to offer to update the photo and description.
    • Loberto can help facilitate the request.
  • We did not pick a facilitator for the next meeting. Could it be you?
  • Have a good week everyone!

Action points and outcomes

  • Next Date: August 24th 2020, 16:00 UTC
  • Next Facilitator: TBD
  • Martin will send out the doodle to explore other times to meet
  • Shawn will work on blogpost for rollout of Experiences (Formerly known as references)
  • Nikki will contact Mikael about the creation or existence of a styleguide
  • Martin will contact Paula about populating the page.
  • Loberto will help facilitate the Anarchist request to describe what Anarchy is all about on the circle page.