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Trustroots Meeting

Date: 2020-04-20 17:00 UTC+2 Facilitator: Nick Participants: Nick, Noah, Philipp, Martin, Mikael, Ludo


  • hellos / check-ins
  • non-binary translation issue (nick)
    • background
    • aspect 1 : that specific case where the meaning of the translated text should match the meaning of the source text
      • online norwegian dictionary:
        • says it’s an ongoing process of change and more and more people are identifying as non-binary
      • Mikael already replied on the thread
      • got reverted by the person
      • Mikael favours jumping into calls in these cases
        • although doesn’t leave a trail
        • doesn’t have time personally
      • many layers of issues here
        • imposing views in a translation tool
      • Mikael would be up for making it very clear it’s not ok if seems useful
      • Martin/Mikael will contact their Norwegian friends, and Mikael will revert the change again with a more extensive explanation
      • nick investigated the permission options in weblate, and we could switch our project to more closed model, and only invite specific people to translate
        • would not suggest it right now, as it’s nice to keep it as open as possible
      • question about whether we have any feature that lets people contact us about translation or other content issues on the site (e.g. relating to inclusive language):
        • translation is very new, and not yet on the site
        • directing people to contact support, and making it more visible
        • can encourage people more to express their opinion
        • Martin finds the comment tool in weblate useful to markup things that are complicated. would be useful if the comment could show up for all the languages/translators, unclear if that feature eists
    • aspect 2 : how to handle conflict in general (could be in any aspect of trustroots)
      • big topic!
      • support team already has some discussions/approaches about how to deal with this
      • to bring people into a chat, and have both of them show their opinion and discuss with a third party to find a compromise. Probably not efficient for highly polarized progressive political debate.
      • maybe bring the conflict to the general slack channel to share it and to gain and learn from solving it together. Needs skilled moderation! Noah could try it.
        • note: in this particular case the I believe the person has refused to join slack because it is not open source (but we could find another place)
      • Code of conduct:
    • aspect 3 : a gender-expression-denying person who is might be spreading that perspective into a load of FOSS projects without anyone really knowing (users or maintainers) * I doubt a lot are able to check this stuff (without @Martin’s keen eye, I don’t think any of us would have ever found out)
      • nick finds it very problematic
      • Mikael would like to flag it to weblate:
  • references next steps (nick, …)
  • issue with ? not appearing in zendesk? (Philipp)
    • sometimes has some spam issues (as the server sends it from your email address)
    • sometimes things go into “suspended tickets” folder, although currently empty * sometimes when people write messages why they are stopping hosting
    • Noah received 3 emails saying a ticket was written, but they didn’t arrive in zendesk
  • react refactoring update (Mikael)

Action points and outcomes

  • Martin/Mikael will contact their Norwegian friends to canvas for perspectives on the non-binary term in Norwegian culture
  • following that Mikael will revert the change again and provide a more extensive explanation
  • we intend to contact weblate about the topic once we’re a bit further advanced with our process
  • Noah has volunteered to try moderating a (text-based?) chat with the person, we leave that option open for consideration for now
  • Mikael happy to debug support email issue Philipp reported
  • Nick will update the react overview issue #1334 to bring it closer to reality

Next meeting

Next Date: 2020-04-27 17:00 UTC+2 / CEST Next Facilitator: ?