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Languages Session - Hackweek 2020/04/16

We will try translations for one or two weeks and collect ideas and obstacles here, before writing a guide for new volunteers and a blog post inviting the community to use Weblate.

How to get started

  • please register if you want to do translate a lot (github oauth possible), otherwise you can only “suggest”, not “save”
  • To add a new language: open a component -> “start new translation”
  • it’s helpful to have Trustroots open next it, to see context
  • There’s 2 buttons: “Save” and “Suggest”
    • use “Save” when you’re sure, “suggest” when you want someone else to have a look
  • Use the glossary for often-used words …
  • placeholders! don’t translate them, but leave them in your translation
    • words in Template:Double curly brackets should stay as they are
    • <1>, <2>, </1>, </2> should stay, but the words in between should be translated (they will be replaced by html tags later)
  • Use a glossary for words that appear often:
    • “Add word to glossary”
    • with another string, it will then appear in the top right when the word is part of that string


  • Having Trustroots open in another tab is too much work, could we ave screenshots in Weblate for context?
  • Or maybe is even in-page / in-line editing possible?
  • If adding screenshots for each segment is too hard to implement (too much work) another option would be to translate what can be done without much context and add comments where a clarifying screenshot is needed.
  • Have a text somewhere on the page saying “translations are a community effort, you can help”
  • Have a “disclaimer” of sorts on the translated versions, in the lines of “This is a translation of the English original. If you see anything odd, -click here- to let us know.” This would allow for direct feedback after launch.
  • We should have translations live (deployed) before inviting the community, so people have immediate feedback

Tech stuff