Meeting Minutes/2020-02-10

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Trustroots Meeting

  • Date: 2020-02-10 18:00 UTC+1
  • Facilitator: Mikael
  • Participants: Nick, Abel, Mikael, Michal


  • brief status update on invitation email (nick/noah)
    • now exists for sending mass emails
    • can we track when people click on links and fill the survey?
    • please log open rates somewhere, useful for
  • thoughts on balance between feature development vs framework? (mikael)
    • Get better at feature discussions? “This is the feature” it’s implementable as-is
    • bring decision making models to hackweek; organise talking workshop about it.
  • references, how to move forward? (nick)
    • need to know what we want?
    • discussion on Github had hard to distill decisions from
      • discussion needs to resolve more?
    • would having testing group be useful?
      • would require two parties to be on beta group to be useful
    • Nick has “network of trust” slider idea;
      • he’ll write it in the github issue thread
    • Survey had question about references
    • Excercise of going through the process of decision making would be healthy for the team
  • hackweek team (nick)
    • would like 1 or 2 people to commit to be on team to work on it
    • TODO:
      • work out what sort of tasks are needed
      • actively invite various groups/people
      • blog post

Next meeting

  • Next Date: 2020-02-24 18:00 UTC+1
  • Next Facilitator: Nick

Punted for next time from previous meeting:

  • Mobile apps state
    • Android; works
    • iOS; can now be re-submitted, Mikael to own.
    • Plans in future?
      • why wrap trustroots in an app and not just use a browser?
      • let’s make a react native app!is a lot of work though
        • offline support
        • Mariano mentions as an app with offline support
        • Nick asked a person that might be able to help with it
  • references, how to move forward? (v2) (nick)
  • Trustroots Plattform invitation system: pros and cons (noah and dario)
    • Mikael:
      • Two initial goals 1) more people joining, and bigger portion of those to be “better quality”.
      • Outcome: way less people joining, quality of experience lower, no way to measure actual member quality. Lots of time went to maintaining the feature instead of working on longer term features.
      • Conclusion:
        • Take the feature down, (some code still in place so that we can use it to measure “campaigns”).
        • Concentrate on things that can be used to effect quality long term (e.g. refernces, sandboxing tribes)
        • and being able to measure “trust metric”.
  • help on the support line (noah)
  • Who are coming to hackweek?