History of Trustroots

[[Wiki.trustroots.org]] is an independent wiki with information for people who are actively exchanging hospitality.
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Here's some ideas for names and descriptions that were floating around before Trustroots was launched.

Name for a new Hospex network

We sent out to a bunch of people and asked them to suggest names for the new project. Initially the codebase was just called "Bikeshed".

Initial description

  • Community site about sharing (rides, meals, info and whatnot) with hospitality exchange in core. Aims to be little bit hippie and for nomads at the beginning, but also has long term goals to reach more mainstream audiences. Wants to change how people behave by encouraging them to "share".
  • Something along lines hitchwiki/nomadwiki BW/CS/FB
  • Trust in the core of the site.
  • Hospex


  • Started to collect names: February 18, 2014
  • Initially name was suggested on June 10, 2014 by Kasper.
  • We finally decided on it on Dec 10, 2014 together with Kasper, Mikael, Callum, Natalia and Carlos.

Name ideas

abunding, abundice, abundness, abundly, abundeous, axessible, axess, trusteous, truestarred, abundhood, bravurance, bravout, yobravo, cobravo, hopbravo, bravohop, bravohopping, Crobbu - "Globe" in Sicilian - all domains available, Something from Tribe?, Something from Share, Bravo variants aren't bad either - sounds a bit tacky - reminds some telly stuff, NomadLink, Nomadity, NomadX, NowMad, NowMads, Roadfriend, Roadie, TrustRoots (suggested by Guaka), Trusty, Mondohop, TrustNomad, NomadicTrust, NomadTrust, NomadRoots


  • Tribal connection
  • Tribal community
  • Welcome home