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There's a plan to turn Couchwiki into the Trustroots Wiki.


  • change domain
  • add DNS record
  • change logo
  • change MediaWiki name
  • https
  • links from
  • inform more people
  • post on fb group and page
  • blog post at
  • improve articles, change mentions and links to "couchsurfing" into trustroots (and bewelcome, warmshowers)
  • what else?

Who's helping?

Feedback from Couchwiki

  • I'm probably the last one standing: Yes, there is no significant activitiy here anymore and some stuff is broken (i. e. wikilinks for flags) for ages. I just follow the recent changes feed and clear out spam. So the dead of couchwiki won't be a loss for the world. Still, just moving (instead of copying) everything to trustroots feels a bit like hijacking to me. (And it's only possible because guaka runs it. And I may see it this way because I left trustroots after a very shot time and didn't followed it anymore.) Midsch (talk) 16:24, 5 December 2018 (CET)