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[[Wiki.trustroots.org]] is an independent wiki with information for people who are actively exchanging hospitality.
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* [[User:Guaka|guaka]] ([[User talk:Guaka|talk]])
* [[User:Guaka|guaka]] ([[User talk:Guaka|talk]])
* ''[yourself http://couchwiki.org/w/index.php?title=Trustroots_Wiki&action=edit add yourself]''
* ''[http://couchwiki.org/w/index.php?title=Trustroots_Wiki&action=edit add yourself]''

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There's a plan to turn Couchwiki into the Trustroots Wiki.



  • change domain
  • add DNS record wiki.trustroots.org
  • inform more people
  • change logo
  • change MediaWiki name
  • https
  • links from www.trustroots.org
  • blog post at ideas.trustroots.org
  • improve articles, change mentions and links to "couchsurfing" into trustroots (and bewelcome, warmshowers)
  • what else?

Who's helping?