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InterWiki is a facility for creating links to the many wikis on the World Wide Web. Users avoid pasting in entire URLs (as they would for regular web pages) and instead use a shorthand similar to links within the same wiki (intrawiki links).

By making wiki links simpler to type for the members of a particular community, these features help bring the different wikis closer together.

How to use the InterWiki links ?

Just write a link according to the following table with the name of the concerned page. But an example will be more efficient.

If you want to make a link to the page about hospex on wikipedia

 [[wikipedia:Hospex| Hospex]]  

will appear as : Hospex

while :

 [ Hospex]  

will appear as : Hospex

How does it actually work ?

Actually, the interwiki make the wiki redirection easier.

While you write wikipedia: the wiki understand
While you write csgroup: the wiki understand

Interwiki's Shortcuts and templates within CouchWiki

Project Long form Example Template
couchwiki in French [[fr:]] [[fr:Accueil| French Main Page]]
wikipedia [[wikipedia:]] [[wikipedia:Hospex| Hospex]]
hitchwiki [[hitch:]]
trashwiki [[trash:]]
CouchSurfing [[cs:]] [[cs:about.html/faq| CouchSurfing FAQ]]
CS groups [[csgroup:]] [[csgroup:162| CS Europe group]]
BeWelcome [[bw:]] [[bw:faq| BeWelcome FAQ]]
BeWelcome groups

This article is adapted from the Wikipedia article about InterWiki

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