Couchwiki, which is run by the same people who brought you trustroots, has become a part of the trustroots project! we want to keep this wiki

[[]] is an independent wiki with information for people who are actively exchanging hospitality.
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Trustroots Wiki

Trustroots - TODO - How we want to keep this wiki - Community portal - Help

Trustroots Wiki is a community project to create a global guide to hospitality exchange.

  • Instead of creating strict rules, try to set examples and show people how to follow them.
  • Hospitality exchange is more than CouchSurfing! We don't focus on one specific network. It's good to mention specifics of different networks but try to avoid focusing on one network, unless of course it is an article about a specific network (e.g. history of BeWelcome).
  • We want to keep Trustroots wiki spam free, friendly and open for anyone to edit.
  • Anyone who shows good contributions here or at related wikis can become administrator.
  • Free of advertising
  • Free of spam
  • Content freely available under a Creative Commons license
  • Convivial and friendly
  • Chock full of useful, fun info
  • Not ruled by one person, not ruled by a for profit corporation
  • feel free to add good more ideas