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The aluminum itself is not the only factor that Skintology MD leads to problems with antiperspirants and deodorants. It is also how the aluminum compound functions to reduce perspiration and odor. This aluminum compound is essentially an extremely strong astringent. Astringents cause the pores to close up, so the sweat cannot escape from them.

This method can stop sweat altogether and stop smelly odors while it is applied. The aluminum may leave your body dry and smelling fresh. But, the problem with this is that the body needs to sweat to naturally rid itself of toxins in the body. Without the expulsion of these toxins, the toxins can build up within the body with nowhere to go.

These toxins can causes many sickness and other complications for the body, such as sweat gland and lymph gland malfunctioning. Considering the fact that so many darker skinned women want to have a lighter complexion, it is no wonder some of the hurdles that they will go through for whiter skin.