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If your supervisor and your crush are the same person, Language Of Desire be especially cautious. How well do you actually know your supervisor? Though all relationships involve some degree of risk, try not to make yourself vulnerable to a boss with a penchant for anger or jealousy, or you could find yourself unemployed. For many people, the possibility of compromising their professional future is enough to make them steer clear of office romances.

If you decide to pursue a colleague even after considering the dangers, try to maintain a low profile. Talk openly with your significant other about how you should and shouldn't behave together in the workplace. Use personal email instead of a company email to avoid potential electronic trails of your courtship. If your workplace is particularly prone to gossip, try to extricate yourself from any conversations about others' relationships so as to discourage prying about your own.

In relationships between supervisor and subordinate, be sure that you don't give your significant other any special preference over other employees. A jealous colleague might be quick to uncover the truth about why one person gets special treatment from the boss.