[[]] is an independent wiki with information for people who are actively exchanging hospitality.
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Trustroots is a hospitality exchange network run by a UK non-profit foundation. The software is open source. It was started in December 2014 is being built by a small team of activists who felt that the world of sharing is being taken over by corporations trying to monetize people's willingness to help each other. Same team brought you also Hitchwiki, Trashwiki and Nomadwiki.

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As of August Trustroots has 42 circles. At the moment these are:

hitchhikers, dumpster divers, vegans&vegetarians, nomads, ecoliving, musicians, foodsharing, cyclists, hikers, punks, artists, hackers, lgbtq, yoga, buskers, rainbow gathering, climbers, spirituals, dancers, families, sailors, lindyhoppers, slackliners, acroyoga, van life, jugglers, Trustroots volunteers, cooking, photographers, gardeners & farmers, naturists, feminists, anarchists, squatters, surfers, motorcyclists, pilgrims, burners, circus, skateboarders, beer brewers, winemakers


Trustroots was launched in December 2014 by former volunteers of BeWelcome and Couchsurfing. By the same people who brought you also Hitchwiki, Trashwiki and Nomadwiki. Read more about Trustroots history here.