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(New page: 1. Lie face down on the glass floor at the [http://www.cntower.ca/index.aspx CN Tower] <br> 2. Sit upstairs at [http://www.toronto.ca/union_station Union Station] during rush hour <br> 3. ...)
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1. Lie face down on the glass floor at the [http://www.cntower.ca/index.aspx CN Tower] <br>
#REDIRECT [[100 things to do in Toronto]]
2. Sit upstairs at [http://www.toronto.ca/union_station Union Station] during rush hour <br>
3. Skate at [http://www.toronto.ca/special_events/booknps.htm Nathan Phillips Square]<br>
4. Tour the [http://www.steamwhistle.ca Steam Whistle Brewery]<br>
5. Have a hot chocolate at [http://www.somachocolate.com Soma] in The Distillery District<br>
6. Do a bike tour of [http://www.toronto.ca/parks/island Toronto Island]<br>
7. Go shopping at [http://honesteds.sites.toronto.com Honest Ed’s]<br>
8. Walk the boardwalk at [http://www.thetorontobeaches.com The Beach]<br>
9. Go to [http://www.ydsquare.ca Dundas Square]<br>
10. Dine at a famous [http://www.toprestaurants.com/Toronto/Toronto.htm chef’s restaurant]<br>
11. Take a city [http://www.adventurecitytours.com/walktour_map.php?location_id=1&amp;lat=43.6469&amp;lon=-79.3857 walking tour] and check out [http://www.janeswalk.net/participating_cities/toronto jane's walk]<br>
12. Get out of the downtown core<br>
13. Ride the [http://transit.toronto.on.ca/streetcar/4101.shtml 501 Queen Streetcar]<br>
14. Go shopping in [http://www.chinatownbia.com Chinatown]<br>
15. Have a coffee in [http://www.kensington-market.ca/Default.asp?id=1&amp;l=1 Kensington Market]<br>
16. Window shop in [http://www.bloor-yorkville.com Yorkville]<br>
17. Eat corn on the sidewalk in [http://www.gerrardindiabazaar.com Little India] in the summer<br>
18. Take a [http://www.worldofstock.com/closeups/TAE2226.php train ride] through [http://www.toronto.ca/parks/highpark.htm High Park]<br>
19. Walk the entire [http://www.toronto.ca/path PATH]<br>
20. Check out a local band<br>
21. Sample honey at [http://www.stlawrencemarket.com St. Lawrence Market]<br>
22. Tour the [http://www.cbc.ca/facilities CBC building]<br>
23. Eat Souvlaki on [http://www.thedanforth.ca The Danforth]<br>
24. Have dinner in [http://littleitaly.sites.toronto.com Little Italy]<br>
25. Read in the garden at [http://www.casaloma.org Casa Loma]<br>
26. come face to face with a dinosaur at the [http://www.rom.on.ca ROM]<br>
27. visit the [http://www.ago.net AGO] for free<br>
28. sample free beer at the [http://www.millstreetbrewery.com Mill St Brewery] in the Distillery District<br>
29. Explore the [http://spacing.ca/laneways.htm Toronto alleys]<br>
30. Go to the [http://www.ontariosciencecentre.ca Ontario Science Center]<br>
31. Check out the parks running north from the [http://www.toronto.ca/don/trails.htm Don Valley] - (ride a bike from the lake through the [http://www.toronto.ca/parks/parks_gardens/lowerdon.htm Don Valley] all the way up through [http://www.toronto.ca/parks/parks_gardens/serenagundy.htm Serena Gundy Park] and all the way up to [http://www.toronto.ca/parks/parks_gardens/sunnybrook.htm Sunnybrook Park] or [http://www.toronto.ca/parks/parks_gardens/edwardsgdns.htm Edward's Gardens] or something - there are trails all the way up, lots of cool stuff in there.)<br>
32. [http://www.highpark.org High Park] is also pretty cool<br>
33. [http://www.toronto.ca/waterfront/newsrel042605.htm Cherry Beach] (sorry no real official link to cherry beach)<br>
34. [http://www.canadaevents.ca/venues/venue.asp?id=362 Sunnyside Park] beaches<br>
35. [http://www.toronto.ca/waterfront/tour/tommyt_park.htm Tommy Thompson Park]<br>
36. [http://www.toronto.ca/waterfront/tour/scarborough_bluffs.htm Bluffers Park] <br>
37. Ice skating between [http://www.toronto.ca/parks/island/winterschedule.htm Toronto Islands]<br>
38. spent the last Sunday of the month (only from May to October)at Kensington Market - [http://www.kensington-market.ca/Default.asp?id=1&amp;l=1&amp;a=article&amp;cid=65 Pedestrian-only] streets<br>
39. Go buy some Whiskey Cheddar from [http://www.yelp.ca/biz/global-cheese-toronto Global Cheese] in [http://www.kensington-market.ca/Default.asp?id=34&amp;l=1 Kensington Market] and eat it because I just had some and this stuff is seriously delicious. (as stated by [http://www.couchsurfing.com/people/rob_k ROB_K])<br>
40. historical [http://www.townofyork.com/service.html post office] on adelaide st east<br>
41. any historical house, ie: [http://www.toronto.ca/culture/museums/mackenzie.htm mackenzie], [http://www.toronto.ca/culture/museums/spadina.htm spadina], etc..<br>
42. [http://www.toronto.ca/parks/riverdalefarm.htm riverdale farm]/[http://www.oldcabbagetown.com cabbagetown] especially when the festivals are on<br>
43. tobogganing down [http://www.toronto.ca/don/riverdale_park.htm riverdale park] east hill.. the [http://toronto.ibegin.com/attractions/riverdale-park-west west side] has a baseball diamond now.. may be a bit dangerous!<br>
44. sunbathing at [http://www.toronto.ca/parks/island/#hanlan hanlan's point] [http://www.pathcom.com/%7Efrebeach clothing optional beach]<br>
45. Watch a movie at one of Toronto's many [http://www.cs.cmu.edu/afs/cs/user/clamen/misc/Canadiana/CA-filmfests.html film festivals]<br>
46. Walk around Toronto dressed as a zombie<br>
47. Have a coffee in the cafe at the corner of Baldwin and Augusta before 8AM on a weekday and watch the people who pass before they go to work<br>
48. Visit [http://www.boldts.net/TorSu.shtml LCBO Summerhill] to glory in the past, marvel in the present, as the immaculately restored North Toronto Railway Station (Circa 1916) is now the largest and most fascinating wine &amp; spirits store in Canada.<br>
49. Fair Trade coffee &amp; delicious sandwiches at [http://www.tinto.ca Tinto's] on [http://www.roncesvallesvillage.ca/index.php?l=neighbourhood Roncesvalles]<br>
50. Join the [http://www.caribana.com Caribana Parade]<br>
51. [http://www.evergreen.ca/rethinkspace/?p=148 Brickworks Farmer's Market] (May - Oct) and for that matter, biking in and around the [http://www.evergreen.ca/rethinkspace/?gclid=CIiJ9qKV4pkCFSAgDQodvXGYWw Brickworks]<br>
52. Checking out the [http://torontoparks.com/brickwork.html view] of Toronto from hill next to Brickworks<br>
53. Check out where Lake Ontario meets Scarberia (near Port Union Station)<br>
54. Watch the sun rise/set from the end of the [http://www.friendsofthespit.ca Leslie Spit]<br>
55. [http://www.toronto-bia.com/bias/index.php?what=details&amp;id=17&amp;description=Junction%2C%20The The Junction] Arts Fest in September (one of Toronto's best kept secrets)<br>
56. Bike the [http://www.out-there.com/ton01hkg.htm Humber River] [http://www.bikely.com/maps/bike-path/Yonge-Dundas-up-the-Humber-River-Trail-Toronto Trail]<br>
57. Picnic in [http://www.toronto.ca/parks/parks_gardens/morningside.htm Morningside Park]<br>
58. Bonfire on beach out in Scarborough (near Morningside I think)<br>
59. [http://alieninflux.org/reviews/toronto_star-PROMISE-review.htm Promise Party] at the Beaches <br>
60. [http://www.toronto.ca/parks/parks_gardens/sunnybrook.htm Sunnybrook Park] (horses are in the back of the park, in the stables)<br>
61. Biking [http://www.toronto.ca/exhibitionplace the Ex] at night during spring when no one is around, spooky.<br>
62. go to for an ice cream at the [http://www.dine.to/dutchdream Dutch Cafe] (funny building and awesome assortment of ice cream!)<br>
63. dive into [http://pomegranaterestaurant.ca pomegranate] deliciousness at marouf tochal<br>
(everything is made of pomegranate:juice,dried fruit,ice cream,marmelade...YUM!)[marouf tochal is a person not a place according to my search??]<br>
64. take a walk from the beaches westward to sunnyside park on the [http://juliekinnear.com/toronto-neighbourhoods/toronto-beaches-real-estate/photos/toronto-beaches-boardwalk boardwalk] (or bike)<br>
66. take the carillon tour with [http://www.couchsurfing.com/profile.html?id=DHKP2K Gerald] from CS.<br>
67. Get your hands on the ceramic wheel at the [http://www.gardinermuseum.on.ca/index.aspx Gardiner Museum] on Fridays and Sundays<br>
68. Enjoy an aperitif with view from the rooftop bar of the [http://www.parktoronto.hyatt.com/hyatt/hotels/entertainment/lounges/index.jsp;jsessionid=OV1NTCCSLDPECCTEAGCCFFAKMQAYKIV0 Park Hyatt]<br>
69. Go to a concert at the beautiful [http://www.roythomson.com/home.cfm Roy Thomson Hall] (and find discounted tickets on sale the same day)<br>
70. Watch [http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0073629 Rocky Horror Picture Show] at [http://www.bloorcinema.com Bloor Cinema] on Halloween at midnight<br>
71. Read a book in [http://www.boldts.net/TorA.shtml Queen’s Park] Spring/Summer/Fall which is also home to [http://www.ontla.on.ca/web/home.do Ontario Legislative Assembly]<br>
72. [http://www.toronto.com/attractions/event/515620 Mutahdi’s Drumming Festival] (July – Queen’s Park)<br>
73. [http://ourfaves.com/find/toronto?q=karaoke%20night Kick Ass Karaoke]<br>
74. Brunch in [http://www.stlawrencemarket.com St. Lawrence Market]<br>
75. Picnic on [http://www.toronto.ca/parks/island Toronto Islands]<br>
76. Plant trees in with [http://www.toronto.ca/don Bring Back the Don]<br>
77. The [http://www.the519.org/programs/aidsmem/aidsmem.shtml AIDS Memorial] (behind the 519 on church) <br>
78. Eat at [http://www.zeldas.ca Zelda's] (On Church street) <br>
79. Play a round of [http://www.manhunt-toronto.com manhunt] <br>
80. Visit [http://www.irelandparkfoundation.com/index.php Ireland Park] down at the [http://www.waterfrontoronto.ca/index.php?home=true waterfront]<br>
81. Swing on the [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VtVH9-s498 secret alleyway swing] (supposedly it is gone now)<br>
82. Climb to the secret, hidden roof of _______. (this could be titled: it's a secret!, or, how everyone with a favourite roof chose their own special spot for gazing down on the world.)<br>
83. Audit a lecture by one of Toronto's (semi-)famous professors: Mark Kingswell, Nick Mount, etc.<br>
84. Might even recommend visiting a couple [http://www3.ttc.ca subway stations] as destinations in and of themselves: Museum and Dupont for starters. They're as close as we get to being creative with our transport.<br>
85. Pay a visit to [http://www.401richmond.net 401 Richmond]<br>
86. the actual [http://www.thedistillerydistrict.com  Distillery District]<br>
100. Sneaky Dees
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