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Pirate City
Country: South Sea
Region: The 7 Seas
Pirate justice
More Information:
CS Group Wikipedia Wikitravel

This template can be used on all city guide pages to organize basic details about the city in an easy to read format as well as providing links that are sometimes inaccessible on the sidebar. For country pages see {{Country}}. To see a working example, see Chicago.


simply insert the following at the top of the page and fill it out:

    |name         =
    |country      =
    |region       =
    |nickname     = 
    |group        = 
    |wikipedia    =
    |wikitravel   =
    |image        =
    |imagetext    =
    |ambassadors  =


The following code would create the table seen at the right:

    |name         = Pirate City
    |country      = South Sea
    |region       = The 7 Seas
    |nickname     = Yaarrrrr!
    |group        = 3503
    |wikipedia    = Pirate City
    |wikitravel   = Pirate City
    |image        = Pirates city.jpg
    |imagetext    = Pirate Justice
    |ambassadors  =