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'''Stockholm''' is the capital of [[Sweden]].
Welcome to Stockholm dear CouchSurfers!

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[ Stockholm Emergency Couch Requests]
[ Stockholm Emergency Couch Requests]

==Emergency numbers:==
==Emergency numbers:==

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Welcome to Stockholm dear CouchSurfers!

CouchSurfing groups in Stockholm:

Sweden CouchSurfing

Stockholm Emergency Couch Requests


Emergency numbers:

112 (for emergencies)

1177 (for medical advice)

11 414 (for non-emergency incidents)

113 13 (for information about none acute accidents and emergencies)

Things to do in Stockholm:

  • Have a picnic in Djurgården. Grab smth to eat and go to the green oasis of Djurgården - this island has many picnic spots. You can enjoy tranquil walking, or take bicycle tour around it, enjoying some of the best views in the city.
  • Rent a bicycle and see Stockholm by bike! they are situated in many places and all you need is to get a special card which unlocks bikes. Cards can be valid for a few days or a few months, if needed. You can buy a season (April-October) Bike Card for 250 SEK.
  • Catch a ferry to the Stockholm Archipelago. It is a popular destination in the summer months. Archipelago begins just a few miles east of the capital and covers about 140 kilometres from north to south. Only very small part of the islands are inhabited, although many Stockholmers have summerhouses on islands. Some islands are pieces of forest in the sea, some are simply bare rocks. Ferries depart from the Blasieholmen peninsula.
  • Catch a ferry from Nybroviken and Slussen to Djurgården and Hammarby Sjöstad - you can use your SL ticket
  • Make a grill and feed touristic swans and ducks at Sätrastrandsbadet. It's the local beach with outdoor gym and beautiful lake. The swans are friendly and can get very close to you (especially if you have food to share) but don't try to catch them or make movements that could make them feel unsafe when you're right next to them.
  • Take free guided tours and see the main City area, Södermalm, Old Town and Subway art with a free guide but don't forget to give them a tip.
  • Explore the art of Stockholm's Subway - Stockholm is known of its Underground Gallery and some of the stations are really impressive. So buy SL ticket and enjoy it by yourself or join in the free Subway Art guided tour!
  • Check out CouchSurfing Events in Stockholm. There are a lot of events organized by local people in Stockholm.
  • See beautiful cherry blossoms. The cherry blossoms are expected to peak between mid to late April. You can find them at Kungsträdgården (you will know why do they call this place The King's Garden) and Sickla Kaj.
  • Join Hangouts on CouchSurfing and explore the area with other travellers or local people.
  • Try different kind of flavours of meads and beers at Aifur Krog&Bar. Feel like a true Viking.
  • Visit the Tiki Room's bar. The drinks are expensive but at the same time very exotic and delicious.
  • Take Ocean Bus
  • Have a drink at Ice Bar - feel the swedish winter even in the summer!
  • Check out flea market at Karlaplan - outdoor market with free admission (Saturdays, 11-3pm).

What to see in Stockholm?

  • Gamla Stan - old town located on Stadsholmen island is the most touristic place in Stockholm, full of souvenir shops and beautiful alleys. During the rush hours, especially in the summer time there are a lot of people but if you come in the early morning you'll find it empty.
  • Stortorget is the main square at Gamla Stan known from The Stockholm's Bloodbath. There you can find those famous, old, colorful buildings so often presented on Stockholm's postcards. While wandering around Gamla Stan it’s good to know about secret places and hidden things which the most of tourists will miss:
    • Järnpojke – in the small courtyard at Slottsbacken behind the Finnish Church (Finska Kyrkan) lives ‘Iron Boy’ called by some ‘Little Boy who looks at the Moon’. During the winter time local people bring him scarfs and hats to not let him get sick. If you leave him a coin he’ll bring you luck. Järnpojke is the smallest monument in Sweden.
    • Upplands runinskrifter 53 – this runestone is built into a wall in the intersection between the thoroughfares Prästgatan and Kåkbrinken.
    • Cannonball in the corner of Skomakargatan – according to the legend the cannon ball was fired at the Danish kind Christian Tyrant, back to the Stockholm Bloodbath in 1520.
    • Mårten Trotzigs Gränd – the narrowest alley in Stockholm leading from Västerlånggatan and Järntorget up to Tyska Stallplan and Prästgatan. In the narrowest place it has only 90cm.
    • Aifur Krog&Bar is a restaurant/bar named after the legendary Viking ship Aifur. Listening to hurdy-gurdy, eating from handmade plates, using handmade cutlery, drinking from handmade cups and sitting and handmade benches you can feel like a real Viking. Coming into the restaurant you’re introduced to guests that are already sitting in the dining room. Try different flavors of mead and beer, eat that what Vikings used to eat – Reindeer sausage, elk sausage, flat-smoked pork, reindeer heart, lamb steak, cheddar cheese. Does it sound yummy already? It is indeed.
    • Science-Fiction Bokhandeln – Great inside decoration, big collection of books (also in English), movies, board-games and gadgets.

  • Stockholms Stadsbibliotek - the largest public library in Sweden with very interesting interior design and the collection of more than half a million books in over 100 languages.
  • Djurgården – is an island located in central Stockholm known of its parks, monuments, historical buildings, galleries and museums. You'll find there places such as:
    • Gröna Lund – is an amusement park with many attractions. It’s a cool place to hang out with friends and have some fun but also quite expensive. A lot of concerts and events are taking place there.
    • Skansen – it’s an open-air museum and zoo. You can discover Sweden’s history, see how Swedes lived according to the changing seasons, through the customs and traditions, work, celebrations and everyday life. During the summer the program is fulfilled with activities such as singing, dancing, concerts. During the winter you can enjoy Christmas markets.

  • Jordbro Gravfält (Jordbro Grave Field ; Gullringsvägen, 137 63 Haninge) - the largest grave field in the Nordic Countries from the Iron Age.
  • Tyresta Nationalpark - if you have time and willing to spend a lot of time in the nature Tyresta is a very good choice. A lot of nice camping spots and trails. The map of Tyresta costs 30SEK but in fact you don't need it.
  • Sigtuna is the oldest town in Sweden, very quiet and adorable. You can get there with SL ticket (the one you use for transport in Stockholm). There are many runes, ruins and old swedish houses.
  • Nice panoramic views:
    • Katarinahissen (Statsgården 1, 116 45 Stockholm).
    • Skinnarviksberget (Skinnarviksberget, 118 23 Södermalm).
    • The City Hall (Hantverkargatan 1, 111 52 Stockholm), the view from the garden.
    • View from Skansen

Museums in Stockholm:

(Last update May 2018)

  • Abba The Museum (250 SEK/Adult, open everyday)
  • Accelerator - contemporary art at Stockholm University(Free admission?).
  • Almgrens Sidenväveri & Museum - (eng. Almgren Silk-Weaving Mill & Museum) You'll get to know the history of Jaquard's invention from year 1804 and silk production in Sweden (75 SEK/Adult, Sunday closed)
  • Aquaria Vattenmuseum (eng. Aquaria Water Museum, 120 SEK/Adult, Monday closed)
  • Arkdes - Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design (Free admission?)
  • Armémuseum (eng. Army Museum) - Swedish history since 16th century to the present focusing on how people have been affected by war and conflicts (Free admission, Monday closed)
  • Artipelag Konsthall (eng. Artipelag Art Gallery, 165 SEK/Adult, Monday closed)
  • Bergianska Trädgården (eng. Bergius Botanic Garden, 80 SEK/Adult, open everyday)
  • Birka Vikingstaden (eng. Birka - The Viking City) - A visit includes a guided tour, a visit to the museum and a walk through the reconstucted urban quarter. (price depends on the place you're taking the boat from 290 SEK-545 SEK (?))
  • Bonniers Konsthall - Contemporary Swedish and international art (Youths under 26 Free, Regular price 100 SEK; Monday-Tuesday closed).
  • Carl Eldhs Ateljémuseum (eng. Carl Eldh Studio Museum) - collection of Carl's Eldh works (80SEK/Adult, is mainly open during summertime)
  • Dansmuseet (eng. Museum of Dance and Movement) - collection of costumes, objects associated with dance and theatre from around the world nad paintings (120SEK/Adult, Monday closed)
  • Drottningsholms Slott (eng. Drottningsholm Palace with The Chinese Pavilon) - the official home of the Swedish royal family (190SEK/Adult, 130 SEK without the Chinese Pavilion)
  • Drottningsholms Slottsteater (eng. Court Theatre at Drottningholm, 100 SEK/Adult)
  • Edsvik Konsthall (eng. Edsvik Art Gallery, 100 SEK/Adult)
  • Etnografiska Museet (eng. Museum of Etnography, Free admission, Monday closed)
  • Fjärilshuset Haga Ocean (eng. Butterfly House Haga Ocean, 165 SEK/Adult, open everyday)
  • Forum För Levande Historia (eng. Living History Forum) - a forum for democracy, human rights, tolerance with lessons to be learned from the history of Holocaust, crimes against humanity of communist regimes (Free admission).
  • Fotografiska (eng. Swedish Museum of Photography, 145 SEK, open everyday)
  • Färgfabriken (eng. Contemporary Art and Architecture, 70 SEK/Adult, open only during the exhibition)
  • Gripsholms Slott (eng. Gripsholm Castle) - one of Sweden's eleven royal palaces, built by king Gustav Vasa (130 SEK/Adult)
  • Gustav III:s Paviljong (eng. Gustav III's Pavilion, 100 SEK/Adult)
  • H M Konungens Hovstall (eng. Royal Stables) - collection of 19th century carriages. Guided tours only. (Free admission?)
  • Haga Parkmuseum - English park in Sweden
  • Hallwylska Museet - The museum features preserved rooms from the late Victorian period (Free admission)
  • Hamn Museum - relieve the Battle of Stäket when Swedish forces repelled a Russian invasion in 1719 (80 SEK/Adult)
  • Hemvärnsmuseet (eng. National Home Guard Museum) - military museum with numerous artefacts and hands-on exhibits.
  • Historiska Museet (Free admission)
  • Judiska Museet (eng. Jewish Museum)
  • Junibacken - activity for children, the world of Astrid Lindgren. (179 SEK/Adult)
  • Konstakademien (eng. Royal Academy of Fine Arts)
  • Kungliga Myntkabinettet (eng. Royal Coin Cabinet - National Museum of Economy) - closed untill 2019.
  • Kungliga Slottet (eng. The Royal Palace with The State Regalia and Riddarholmen Church, 160 SEK/Adult)
  • Medelhavsmuseet (eng. Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities, Free admission, Monday closed)
  • Medeltidsmuseet (eng. Museum of Medieval Stockholm, Free admission)
  • Millesgården is an art museum and sculpture garden (150 SEK/Adult)
  • Moderna Museet (the Museum of Modern Art) - Museum for modern and contemporary art (Free admission)
  • Mångkulturellt Centrum (Multicultural Centre, Free Admission)
  • Nationalmuseum - Swedish museum for art and design (closed untill October 2018)
  • Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet (eng. Swedish Royal Museum of Natural History and Cosmonova, Free admission)
  • Nobelmuseet (eng. Nobel Museum, 120 SEK,Tuesday 5-8pm free admission, Monday closed)
  • Nordiska Museet (eng. Nordic Museum) - get to know how people have lived in the Noric countries. (120SEK/Adult, free admission on Tuesdays 1–5pm september–may)
  • Norrtälje Museum & Konsthall (eng. Norrtälje Museum & Art Gallery, Free admission)
  • Olle Olsson Hagalund-Museet (eng. Olle Olsson Hagalund Museum) - collection of Olle's Olsson paintings, drawings, art prints and designs for the theatre. (50 SEK/Adult)
  • Polismuseet (eng. Swedish Police Museum, 60 SEK/Adult)
  • Postmuseum (80 SEK/Adult, Monday closed)
  • Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde (eng. Prince Eugen's Waldemarsudde, 150 SEK/Adult, Monday closed) - art museum and former home of Prince Eugen.
  • Pythagoras Industrimuseum (eng. Pythagoras Industrial Museum) - living workshop with motors and machine, worker's home and garden. (80 SEK/Adult, Monday closed)
  • Riksidrottsmuseet (eng. Swedish Sports Museum, Free Admission, Monday closed)
  • Resendals Slott (eng. Rosendal Palace)
  • Scenkonstmuseet (eng. Swedish Museum of Performing Arts, 140 SEK/Adult, Wednesdays Free Admission, Monday closed)
  • Scoutmuseet (eng. Museum of Guiding and Scouting, Free admission)
  • Sigtuna Museum - the history of the oldest swedish town, Sigtuna (70 SEK/Adult, October-April Free Admission, Monday closed)
  • Sjöhistoriska Museet (eng. Maritime Museum, Free Admission, Monday closed)
  • Skansen (eng. Skansen Open-Air Museum, 125 SEK/Adult)
  • Skoklosters Slott (eng. Skoklosters Slott, 80SEK) - baroque castle, collection of crafts, paintings and armoury
  • Snus- & Tändsticksmuseum (eng. Snus & Match Museum) - tobacco cultivation, manufacture and design. Matchboxes and labels (Free Admission for Skansen visitors)
  • Spritmuseum (eng. Museum of Spirits and The Absolut Art Collection) - exibitions about art and distilled drinks. (120 SEK/Adult)
  • Stadshuset (eng. Stockholm City Hall, 80 SEK/Adult)
  • Stadsmuseet (eng. City Museum) - opens in November 2018
  • Stockholms Läns Museum (eng. Stockholm Country Museum)
  • Storkyrkan (eng. Stockholm Cathedral, 60 SEK/Adult)
  • Strindbergsmuseet (eng. Strindberg Museum and Home) - August Strindberg's last home (75 SEK/Adult, Monday closed)
  • Sven-Harrys Konstmuseum (eng. Sven-Harry's Art Museum, Monday-Tuesday closed, 150SEK/Adult)
  • Tekniska Museet (eng. Museum of Science and Technology, 150 SEK, Wednesday 5-8pm Free admission)
  • Tensta Konsthall (eng. Tensta Art Gallery) - contemporary art, including lectures, camps and guided-tours.(Free admission)
  • Thielska Galleriet (eng. Thiel Gallery) - Nordic art (130 SEK, Monday closed)
  • Tom Tits Experiment (190SEK-225SEK, open all week)
  • Torekällberget (eng. Torekällberget Open-Air Museum)
  • Tumba Bruksmuseum (eng. Tumba Paper Mill Museum) - daily demonstrations of paper making by hand. The history of banknote papermaking and the lives of the people living and working at the mill (Free admission)
  • Ulriksdals Slott (eng. Ulriksdals Palace, 120 SEK)
  • Vasamuseet (eng. Vasa Museum) - the warship Vasa which sank in 1628. 98% original with hundreds of sculptures (130 SEK/Adult).
  • Vaxholms Fästnings Museum (eng. Vaxholm Fortress Museum) - history of the fortress and coastal defences.(80 SEK/Adult)
  • Vikingaliv is The Viking Musuem (149 SEK for Adults and 130 SEK for Students)
  • Åbergs museum (eng. Åberg's museum, 80 SEK/Adult) - display of Disney items, collection of art.
  • Östasiatiska Museet (eng. Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities, Free Admission, Monday closed)

Public Transportation (SL Ticket)

Arriving to Stockholm to move around need to buy SL Ticket. It works for bus, metro, light rail, rail, tram and ferry. Use to find your way or SL app (app is more useful and you can buy tickets through it but it costs more). SL Card costs 20kr but having it the prices of single tickets are lower so it's definitely worth to get one.

Prices of tickets (last update May 2018):

  1. Single ticket (75min) - 44 SEK; 31 SEK with SL Card
  2. 24 hours: 125 SEK
  3. 72 hours: 250 SEK
  4. 7 days: 325 SEK

To get a ticket with student discount you have to study in Sweden. Student card from other countries doesn't work. Neither ISIC. You can buy tickets at the gates to metro, SL Center, all Pressbyrån (small shops, usually next to the metro station or at the metro station), by SMS (if you have swedish telefon number), SL app or at the ticket machines. Make sure that you have bought the ticket before entering to the bus, tram or ferry. You cannot buy them on board and they always check the tickets.

SL (Stockholm Lokaltrafik) is not UL (Upplands Lokaltrafik). For example for the train to Uppsala you need to pay extra. During the night metro doesn't work. You need to take a bus then what is not the easiest, fastest and most comfortable way.

How to get to Arlanda Airport?

(Last update May 2018)

There are many transport possibilities to get to Arlanda.

  1. Take the train no.41 (Pendeltåg) from Stockholm City to Märsta. From Märsta take the buss no.583 to Arlanda Terminal 5. It takes about 1 hour and SL ticket works for it. During the winter time there might be problems with trains. Check the schedule here
  2. Take Flygbuss from Stockholm City/Liljeholmen/Kista/Sundbyberg or Bromma to Arlanda Airport. It takes 42/45min and costs 99SEK/person for Adult.
  3. Take Arlanda Express from Stockholm Centralstation to Arlanda. It takes 20min and costs 280SEK/person for Adult.

How to get to Skavsta Airport?

(Last update May 2018)

  1. Take Flygbuss from Stockholm City to Skavsta Airport. It takes about 80min and costs 139SEK.
  2. Take SJ train from Stockholm Centralstation to Nyköping C and from Nyköping C a buss to Skavsta Airport. The price changes dependently on day and and time and it can take from 1:30h up to 2h.

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