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Trustroots Safety Team Meeting

Date: 2020-07-31 15:00 UTC / 17:00 CEST

Facilitator: Philipp

Participants: Philipp, Ludo, Stove, Loberto


(we mixed the Agenda with the Note taking)

  • how is everyone doing in their life, what does everyone do, how is the energy level? /philipp done
    • Loberto: good, thursday back to Europe. not available end next week + weekend. would like more communication about what is happening, status updates (volunteer advocates stuff). Support is quite good.
    • Ludo: exams finished, moving. A bit confused after absence on Trustroots, taking back initiative and understanding better now. Strange feeling about volunteer getting into conversations, didn't understand this presence. Trying to be more active, but hard.
    • Stove: friends coming over and living with Stove. No access to zendesk yet, more focus on facebook, 2 support request on fb, otherwise pretty well
    • Philipp: …forgot to take notes. Pretty good, some real life projects, wants to limit screen time or use it well at least. Feeling great within support team.
  • Loberto need to discuss some tickets: done
    • Ticket 3514, 3534, repeated user, maybe same user -->3560, 3489, 3515
  • any specific questions about issues that better be discussed in the big round (we can always form a small task force which takes care of it, too) /philipp done
  • ###usernamehidden### -> paula answered a ticket from them. Ludo has seen they have three profiles in a lot of different cities in Italy. Is sending a lot of messages to people. Ludo was considering to write to them privately to check it out if they are asking for money or something
    • Loberto: if several profiles -> fake profile, no money = also breach of rules. Suggests to have general guidelines for cases like this. Create guidelines to guide our personal judgement
    • Stove: agrees. also different issue: how do we react to things we see ourselves and not get reported.
    • Philipp: why not?
    • Stove: support people would report people via the report button as well, official way
    • Loberto: ticket should then be handled by another person on support maybe?
    • if a support person is personally involved by something, they shall not take the ticket.
  • have something to link to the rules when we suspend an account or similar?
    • Loberto suggests longer terms and conditions more explanatory as long term goal.
    • Stove knows someone who is proficient from a legal point of view
  • with just info/feedback tickets, do we have to do something? or simply mark them as closed? (either feedback that we pass on, or "yeah, I'm doing great" replies to the initial emails) /Loberto done
    • if we copy/paste them on #userfeedback, we should put an internal note about it, so we don't repeat it.
    • Ludo bases her response on her feeling, depends on the message. If there is a question, she answers, also if it is a passionate message, otherwise just closes the issue.
    • Stove hasn't answered any tickets, agrees with Ludo.
    • Philipp: if enough energy + only short reply with no relevant feedback, try to just say thanks for message and introduce support team and tell person they can always message us
    • Ludo: if she sees potential (recently: person saying they would like to meet other people around them: Ludo told about her own experience. Tried to encourage to also interact aside hosting/being hosted) replies with her own experience.
    • Let's put the info in a hidden note on ZD if we posted a feedback to #userfeedback :)
  • proposal on meeting minutes: add long term goals area, max 3 goals? (philipp)
    • if do do, should we decide on a follow up process also? /loberto
    • Stove, Ludo, Philipp agree that it is good to have long-term-goals. Stove asks: is it for the team or for individuals? Where do we record them?
    • Ludo: brainstorm -> pick three. fears we're not actually working on them every meeting. Maybe once a month? Philipp: Maybe every three months? Could ask Noah to facilitate this kind of reflection? Ludo: also over several meetings?
    • Stove: delegate responsibility for Long term goals to _area champion_ for #support (concept of area champion was introduced last thursday on the volunteer welcome call.)
    • Loberto added note: if we have goals, they would need a date of accomplishment, or of update. We can do short update on every meeting also.
    • Stove says that they might apply structures we elaborate here to the facebook moderation group as well
  • in ZD, Merging user to connect FB to an email address /Loberto done
    • it's not working perfectly; so Stove will coordinate with FB mods to ask for username/email to open tickets.

Action items:

  • Stove needs Zendesk access. WIP with Mikael (, maybe Loberto can add Stove already. No room for more agents. Check if we can add an extra agent seat.
  • Loberto takes discussion on slack #support: create guidelines for support team to guide our judgement
  • Loberto will send Philipp a text: "no money" and "no abuse" (, Philipp will make it appear on trustroots
  • Philipp will ask Mikael if messages in admin view can be sorted by time
  • there is a bug about unread messages with someone who is shadowbanned -> Philipp will talk to Mikael
  • ask Mikael for tool that automatically notifies us when someone creates yet another profile with a name of an account which is suspended. Loberto tries to find the slack-convo which we had about that before (?)
  • Philipp will help Stove how to create a manual ticket on Zendesk when people write us on facebook (we need to ask them for their email and trustroots username first though). Need to wait until Stove gets ZD access.
  • Ludo will contact Noah about Long term goals idea. Opinion, can Noah facilitate this?