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Trustroots Safety Team Meeting

  • Date: 2020-04-29 20:00 UTC+2
  • Participants: Ludovica, Philipp, Noah, Dario


Case: Sexual Abuse (unrelated to TR)


  • write to people the reported member contacted on TR if they had any bad experience (less to validate the incident, more to support people possibly assaulted by them. not mentioning the offender when contacting other people they had contact with, but more generally ask if they ever had any bad experience with anyone on TR and that we can give support if they did)
  • ask the reporting member if it's okay to disclose anonymous information about why we suspend the reported member, and if so, suspend them with a message saying why (rather than shadow-ban). After the meeting, the discussion continued on Slack, and we're still undecisive between shadow-ban and suspension.

Case: Offensive comments


  • give the reporting member another reply, confirm that we share their values, and ask if it's okay to mention their name when contacting the reported member. Let them know about our next steps. We could ask if they would want a communication room moderated by us.
  • contact the reported member and let them know about the report, asking them for their opinion on what happened. If they wouldn't reply, we'll suspend them.

Mention non-discriminative behavior in our rules

  • we thought about if should have a sentence especially mentioning "discriminative behavior"
  • Maybe we can somehow add in the idea that non-discriminative spaces aren't a state but rather an ongoing process (and one we as trustroots want to go along…) ? - Philipp

Next meeting

  • 2020-05-06 20:00 UTC+2