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Country: France
Region: Brittany
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CS Group Wikipedia

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Rennes Parliament
File:Marche des Lices.jpg
Marché des Lices

Rennes (Roazhon in Breton), with its 210 000 inhabitants, is the regional capital of Bretagne (Brittany in English), which is located in west of France.
There are more than 300 CouchSurfers in Rennes, and 322 members in the Rennes CS group.

History of Rennes

More informations about the History of Rennes on the wikipedia:Rennes !



There is a regular CS meeting, once a month:
It is scheduled every first Tuesday in a bar. The first edition was the 2nd Sept 2008, was held in the Ty Anna bar.

Different events (bars, restaurants, billiard, BBQ, kayak, concerts,...) are also organized on an approximately monthly basis.
Have a look on the Rennes CS group for the latest news and don't hesitate to propose if you're planning to come around !

Mailing List

Suscribe to the Rennes CS group to have the latest news on Rennes CS activities.


Free wifi internet hotspots:

  • Every Mcdonald's™ fast food restaurant offer a free wifi hotspot.
  • In the center, there is a free wifi hotspot at the SubWay™ fast food restaurant (1 place sainte Anne) and at the Brioche Dorée (in the Le Bastard street, you even don't need to buy food).
  • some of the ISP also provide community networks for its clients. All you need is a login and a password to connect to one of these (FreeWifi, Neuf Wifi, SFR Wifi Public). Don't hesitate to send a mail to the Rennes CS Group to ask for some login/pass, it will be effective in the whole France ! These community access point are almost everywhere, here is a map for the downtown area :

If you are looking for a place more quiet, you can go to the cultural centre called Les Champs Libres (close to the station Charles de Gaulle), and sit in the library to enjoy the wifi hotspot, or, if you don't have any laptop, computers are available on free access (15mn) or on reservation (but for that you need a member card). Near to Les champs libres is the 4bis where you can have a free daily wifi access or a 30mn free access on a computer, by asking for a login in the "Espace services". Here is also a list of bars that offer a wifi access :

- Le Royal, 3 place du Calvaire

- Le St Melaine, 33 rue St Melaine

- Le Funky Munky, 37 rue St Melaine

- Le St Georges, 37 rue St Georges (10 first minutes free... then you have to pay !)


Meeting Organisers

Coffee or a drink

Media Mentions


Here are some good informations on what to see in Rennes, made by Luth Luth.

File:Champs Libres.jpg
Les Champs Libres

More informations about the places to visit in Rennes on the wikivoyage:Rennes !


For eating

Among good adresses:

La janata (5 places des Lices), pizzeria
India restaurant (41, rue Saint-georges)
El Popoca (14, rue Nantaise), mexican food
Les Baguettes d'Or (2, rue de Saint-Malo), asian food
La Cantina Mia (7, Place St Germain), Italian food


Traditionnal music and dance for all ages.
When & where

Bars, pubs

Bars in Rennes close at 1 am, night bars at 3 am, and discos at 5 am.
Many places for drinking in Rennes, because... "there are more bars in Rennes than days in a year!" The most famous place is rue Saint-Michel, in the old town, known for its many bars and noisy thursday evening.

  • Barantic (4, rue Saint-Michel) is the pub with the biggest choice of draft beers in town.
  • Couleur Cafés (27, rue Legraverend) is famous for its more than 2000 different cocktails and arranged rhums.
  • Le Béniguet (15, rue Saint-Michel) or Le Memestra (18, Quai Emile Zola) are the places to listen Breton music, they have also sometimes live music.
  • Tiffany's Pub (19, rue Paul Bert) for billiards players.
  • Le Haricot Rouge (10, rue Baudrairie) If you enjoy playing parlour games and custom chocolate beverage
  • Le Troll Farceur (44, rue Legraverend) You can spend some time there if you like role game atmosphere.
  • A couple of Irish pubs in town, the most famous one is the O'Connell's (7, Place du Parlement), another one is The Westport'Inn (35, rue de Dinan) with live music every tuesday night.
  • You might get charmed by the La cité d'Ys (31 Rue Vasselot) for its celtic atmosphere and britain beers.
  • the Ty Ana (place st anne) is one of the oldest pub in town and one of the few bar where you can taste the "XI.I" britain brown beer (be careful, XI.I is strong, 11.1°). Concert every thursday as well.
  • Le chantier (near place des lys) is well known for its electronic live performance.

Live music

Rennes is a very good place in order to listen to live music. You can see the list of all the concert will happen on the Canal B website

But there are some place where music happen every day !

  • French Rock / Folk live music at Le Sablier (70, rue Jean Guéhenno).
  • Punk / Rock / Electronic live music at Mondo Bizaro (264 avenue du Général George's PATTON)
  • Rock / Electronic / Reggae live music at ubu (1, rue saint hélier)

Music, festival (in Rennes or around)

Rock'n Solex, May 1st to 4th
Art Rock in Saint-Brieuc (1h/100kms from Rennes), May 8th to 11th
Les Vieilles Charrues in Carhaix (2h/150 kms from Rennes), July 17th to 20th
Les Tombées de la nuit, July 1st to 6th
La Route du Rock in Saint-Malo (1h/75kms from rennes, by the sea), August 14th to 16th
Astropolis in Brest (2h30, 250kms from Rennes), August 14th to 17th
Le Grand Soufflet, October 9th to 18th
Les Transmusicales, December 4th to 6th


French flag.jpg Rennes Metropole Agenda/Schedule You will find here all the events scheduled in Rennes (music, theater, festival, exposition, sport, conference, local culture, etc.)



  • Police Station: 17 or 02 99 65 00 22
  • Health Urgency: 15 or 112
  • Hospital:

Hôpital de Pontchaillou : 2, rue Henri Le Guilloux, 02 99 28 43 21

Hôpital Sud : 16, bd de Bulgarie, 02 99 28 43 21

Hôtel Dieu : 2, rue de l'Hôtel Dieu, 02 99 28 43 21

SOS Médecins - 19 rue Leguen de Kerangal 35200 RENNES - Tel: 02 99 53 06 06 wikivoyage:Rennes