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This website has a great backing playlist scene. Just got back from Went for 15,16 Nov : Goa, India, just for the first day. It was at a go karting track on top a hill isolated from all of Goa I'd come to know in my time there. Great view, and in bursts some really great music. Sky Rabbit, Sulk Station, and Live Banned played my favorite sets. Laxmi Bomb played the worst, and it's not because their music is shit as I'd assumed at the gig. Major Major sounds fucking great on my computer. But the singer was on a uneasy trip through his set and took everything to shit.

Tripwire had great fun on stage, and I therefore I did too watching them. I don't think they have a Facebook page, or I would've definitely gone and liked it. Skrat, Spud in the Box, and Run! It's the Kid were decent. I missed PCRC and The F16's, who I think got pushed to day two. Smooth, Relax played music that didn't allow me to relax or feel smooth. Sky Rabbit played great music at a great tempo and were the only band to get everyone grooving. The played an encore, and left me feeling fucking great about my life. Sulk Station played an intense set with Bindiya and a version of Piya I didn't recognize and still can't be sure about. Plus two other songs.

They were really into their music, and I loved what was happening on the console and on the two monitor screens behind them. That the girl can sing I knew already. I've seen them live a few times at THT and this was easily their best. Open air gig beats the confines of the tinyass Humming Tree stage. There was a valley in the background, the sun was just about setting, the weather was great and there was much fresh air. Live Banned clowned around while played the most energetic set I attended at the gig. I got to jump about, something I was missing in life and really looking forward to. He kept telling the guy at controls to 'increase the orals,' and so on. Got a lot of CD's. Sulk Station and Fuzzculture for free.

It is a sight that you must travel to see! Take time off the mundane black, white and grey of your daily life and travel to Gujarat where a riot of colours explodes every year in the month of September as the state plays host to the Tarnetar Fair! The fair is essentially a celebration of love that commemorates the legend of the 'Swayamvara' i.e. groom picking ceremony of a mythological Indian princess- Draupadi. The celebrations revolve around young tribal women seeking marriageable partners for themselves. Even without all the matchmaking; the swirling Ghagras, dances, tribal dances called rahado, traditional local entertainment, joyrides and much more are sure to keep you on your toes at all times.

Come November and at the time of Kartik Purnima, Pushkar gears up for a very special event- the Pushkar Camel Fair. It is one of the festivals for which many Indians as well as foreigners travel all the way to Pushkar in Rajasthan. The sand swirls around the vast open grounds as more than 11000 camels, horses and other livestock are traded amongst much fanfare. The eccentric competitions, colorful attires, rolled turbans, long mustaches and women dressed in bridal attire are just some of the highlights of this fair. Accommodations for travellers can be found in form of tents, guesthouses as well as big hotels. It is indeed a spectacle worth visiting and writing home about. There is simply no escaping from the merrymaking during this time as all the houses in the tiny beach state are decked up in Christmas colours, lighting, decorated trees and other finery. Attend the midnight mass with the locals and participate in the revelry of the carnival. Indulge in the local cashew liquor called Feni and other goodies like Bebinca and the famous Christmas cake.

Goa is almost synonymous to the exotic beaches. Everyone going to Goa is fascinated about the Goa beaches. No one can deny the fact this coastal state of India attracts hordes of tourists just one single phenomena - the extraordinary beach experience. The love birds find recluse and privacy from the world, the honeymooners get a chance to know the spouse better, the tourists have an opportunity of exploration. Plan your trip to Goa and you will make a wise decision by doing so. Who does not want to see the encounters of sun kissed beaches and vagabond winds, the sea shores romancing with the blue unknown.

Moreover checking out feni - a drink made from cashews - and trying the exclusive sea food at Goa has also been a attraction in Goa. I believe everybody must be aware of the happening night life of Goa, cruising all night, boozing and Goa is one such destination that can be a complete package of fun in the sun. The beach parties of Goa are world wide known. What an extravaganza of dance, music, cuisine and merrymaking! People who do not soak themselves in this frolicking affair just watch and try be a part of this episode. No one beach is similar to the other in Goa. With each changing season, the beaches adapt themselves to the new environs. Thus, each time it is so very new experience to visit the Goa beaches. Your spirits rejuvenate, the fatigued enthusiasm reinvigorates, the senses get a real pleasure here. The beaches assure a traveler of a relaxing and exciting holiday.

A golden triangle tour in India is one of the most popular holiday trips for Indians and foreigners alike. But with the sporting culture hitting our youths, many people opt for a golden triangle tour with Goa. Goa, after all, is the doyen of beach destinations and its inclusion in the itinerary only adds to the experience. Goa has that kind of beauty which is beyond a formal description. Only the eyes can acknowledge the true beauty of the place, if the accounts of previous visitors are to be believed. But there are two sides to a coin and this inclusion has both pros and cons. More Versatile Experience: Holidaying is all about experiences.

The more experience you gather, the better for you. You never know if you will be out on a holiday of such a dimension anytime soon. And you never know if you will ever get a chance to pay a visit to the gorgeous beaches of Goa. So, the insertion of this seaside destination in your 10 days golden triangle tour does seem just and advantageous. Less Time to Spend in the North: But on the downside, addition of Goa will curtail the days reserved for the golden triad of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. This loss can hurt those who would prefer to visit more and more attractions of the north. Truly speaking, while Agra can be covered in just a day, a full sightseeing affair at Delhi and at Jaipur need you to devote more number of days.

So, it is a toss between the two options. Would you want to make the trip a more leisurely one or would you prefer to travel more and stay less? One agreeable solution to get the best of both will be to ask your holiday provider to make a customized package for you so as to add length (days) to your itinerary. Costlier: Goa is not a cheap destination though you get hotels of all ranges. But it cannot be denied that your budget will have to be expanded slightly if you want to include the country's greatest seaside destination. Better Investment: But looking at it from a broader picture, this extra cost seems very reasonable and is even a profitable affair. What you get in lieu of a few extra thousand bucks is worth every penny you put into it.

In fact, it will offer you more value for your investment, since a solitary Goa tour will always be a more expensive deal. A golden triangle tour with Goa gives you the best of beach parties and sunbathing without putting too much strain on the wallet. In a way, you will relish the freshness offered by the salty breeze after a long tryst with the bricks of Amer Fort and the marble of the Taj Mahal. Not Recommended if You are not a Beach Bum: If beach is not your favorite thing in the world, Goa may just seem like an added travel burden. So, it makes little sense to include the state with your golden triangle plans. But it does make complete sense if you have a happy predilection for the sea and sand. Strongly Recommended for Sports Lovers and Photography Lovers: Goa is more photogenic than it is made out to be. Aside from its beaches, its old cathedrals make for an eye-popping affair. Churches like Basilica of Bom Jesus vouch for it. Also, if you are an extrovert and wish to test the untested charms of snorkeling, paragliding and even scuba diving, Goa is the place to go.

Goa, the hidden treasure of tourism on the shores and sea line of Arabian Sea, is a paradise for beach lovers and those who need sunny warm bath and Luke warm sand in the mid noon time at beautiful beaches. Especially from cold regions, the beautiful small state in India is a heaven to enjoy the best time and take a break from chilling cold. For the duration of December and January, the state goes full; while a boom can be seen in the demand of Goa tour packages for memorable Goa tour. The beautiful state is a destination known for its glorious beaches, verdant vegetation and colorful flea markets. It has become a center of attraction for national, as well as international tourists. Not to mention Goan food that draw attention of food enthusiasts from across the country, especially for sea food.

Goa that everyone hears about is sizzling nightlife, hippie markets, and the glitz & glamour, mainly in North Goa. Not to mention the more explored and frequently-visited coastline of Goa stretching to the North of Fort Aguada up to the borders of Maharashtra. North Goa is the best part of explore beautiful beaches. Some of the popular beaches are the following. There are various beautiful beaches in North Goa that are sure to fulfill your desire for romance on the sand and enjoy your favorite sea food. Baga Beach, Candolim Beach, Calangute Beach, Sinquerim Beach, Vagator Beach, Anjuna Beach, Arambol Beach, Morjim Beach Querim Beach, Madrem Beach, Chapora Beach, Ashwem Beach, and Dona Paula Beach are beautiful beaches to see.

Don't miss the chance to explore some of the beautiful beaches of South Goa that will surely make your Goa tours, even India tour memorable. Some of them are Colva Beach, Palolem Beach, Agonda Beach, Benaulim Beach and Bogmalo Beach. In addition to the aforementioned names, you will find Betul Beach, Majorda Beach, Butterfly Beach, Polem Beach, and Patnem Beach wonderful to explore. Apart from beaches, Goa is also famous for some of the ancient churches. Some of them are Bom Jesus Basilica, Se Cathedral, and Church of St Francis of Assisi and Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception.

In addition, you will also see Church of St. Cajetan, Chapel of St. Catherine, and Church of Lady of Rosary, Chapel of St. Francis Xavier, Monte Hill and various others. Goa tour is counted as incomplete without seeing them. Brahma Temple, Nageshi Temple, Mahalaxmi Temple, Shantadurga Temple, Sri Bhagwati Temple and Tamdi Surla Mahadev Temple are some of the famous old temples in Goa that you can add in your Goa tour package. During your tour, you will also know about the mix of Portuguese and Indian culture in Goa. Start enjoying the real fun of Goa tour that you will love to treasure of Culture, Food and beaches.

These libraries in India are not only spreading knowledge, but are also taking steps to conserve historical and rare pieces of literature and work. National Library of India is situated in Alipore, Kolkatta. Going by public record, it has the largest volume of books in India. Located in the lush green Belvedere Estate, the library has a mind blowing collection of more than 2 million books! NLI has a dedicated section for the various languages of India: Sindhi, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Punjabi, Oriya, Kashmiri, Sanskrit, Urdu et al. It has also collected and preserved rare books written in Pali and Prakrit. Delhi Public Library has more than 30 branches across Delhi and it preserves more than 17 lakh books in various languages. It also has a dedicated branch for children and all the main branches have a children's section as well.

The library also provides free internet facilities. They have created a library for the prisoners residing in Tihar Central Jail and also has a Braille library for the visually impaired. Nehru Memorial Museum and Library popularly known as NMML is a historic museum and library which has conserved some of the most important historical works of the Indian Independence Movement. NMML is situated within the complex of the Teen Murti House and has the best resource of Indian history. It has preserved Mahatma Gandhi's work, private papers of Jayaprakash Narayan, Rajkumari Amrit Kaur, Sarojini Naidu and many more. NMML is a haven for all those who are interested in Social Sciences and labor-related topics. NMML has digitized most of its archives and more than 4 lakh pages have been uploaded on their digital library’s website.

HLRC happens to be a mind-blowing resource centre where you can read, write, access internet and most importantly give words to your ideas. HLRC also supports weekend ventures like Author Corner Discussions and Conversations about Documentaries. HLRC is Wi-Fi enabled and even offers creative resources such as audio-visuals, music. It even provides study cubicles for You can sip coffee/tea, have snacks and bury yourself in books, because HLRC caters to your every need! Located in Hyderabad, Telangana, State Central Library (SCL) is a public library built by Nawab Imad-ul-Mulk. It was previously known as Asafia library. SCL has one of the most magnificent structures of Hyderabad and has been deemed a heritage building by the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH). It has the best library system in the entire state. SCL Hyderabad is situated along the bank of river Musi.